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Roof Vents: Everything You Need to Know About Attic Ventilation

The roofing system is an important part of every home, and its performance is associated with proper attic ventilation. If you have to replace your roof, discuss with the roof contractor about ventilation. Different ventilation products are available these days.

Vents play a vital role in the proper ventilation of your house. It is very important to get information about different types of vents so that you can choose an appropriate one for your home and roof.

Ventilation products for your attic and roof

Different types of ventilation products are available for proper ventilation of attic and roof. You can find them with different names like:

  • Roof vents
  • Gable vents
  • Attic fan
  • Louvers

These products fall under different categories: exhaust ventilation, intake ventilation, and intake and exhaust.

Why does the attic need vents?

Ventilation is very important if you are using the attic as a room. The proper combination of intake and exhaust vents will ensure accurate ventilation. Vents and fans have some vital functions to perform. They remove moist and warm air from the attic and keep your attic drier. They also reduce condensation and let the heated air escape.

If you want to experience good ventilation, intake and exhaust should be appropriately placed. If vents or fans, any one of them is not working properly, it will lead to pressurization problems.
Why is attic ventilation so important?

Different roofs and different designs Depending on the design, either a part of your roof or the entire roof deck is directly associated with the attic. Every attic is different; in some homes, it is like a big gap between the roof deck and ceiling. It is very large and can be used as a proper room in others. No matter how large or small your attic is, heat and moisture can cause damage to the roof, so proper attic ventilation is important for the long life of your roof.

If ventilation is not proper, the moisture and heat will accumulate in the attic, and you have to face a wide range of problems like mold, mildew and roof damage in the long run.
What are intake vents?

Intake vents get fresh air from the outdoor and play an important role in proper airflow. They also support exhausts to do their job properly and also help to control energy costs. There are two types of intake vents, soffit vents and roof-mounted vents.

Soffit vents: The most common intake vents in the soffit vents. Usually, they are placed below the roof deck, in the space between pillars.

Roof-mounted vents: Soffit Vents are preferred for proper ventilation, but a roof-mounted vent can also provide sufficient air intake if not installed in a house. They can easily blend with the roofline due to their low profile.

How do exhaust vents work?

Exhaust vents throw the indoor air outside the attic. They are often placed very high, as hot air is present in the uppermost part of any place. There are two types of exhaust vents, ridge vents and attic fans.

Attic fan: Attic fan is the cost-effective solution for the ventilation of the attic. A single fan in the roof can circulate the air, ensuring some ventilation.

Ridge vents: They are called ridge vents as they are placed along the roof’s ridge. These vents eject heated and moist air from the attic, maintaining ventilation balance.

Static vents or louvers

These vents also do the same function as fans. However, they are installed flat on the roof, near the ridge. You can find them in the market with different names like box vents, half rounds, slant backs, turtle vents, dormer vents or off ridge vents.

Roof turbines

These devices have blades, and the wind from outside turns these blades. The spin creates moist and hot air from the attic.

Powered roof vents

These vents are like the large fans which are placed on the roof. Due to their large size, they cost a lot of electrical power, but now we have solar-powered vents. They circulate the air well, resulting in a properly ventilated attic. For the proper working of these vents, you need to provide a proper intake of air as well; otherwise, they are very strong and can create a vacuum in the attic.

Gable vents

These types of vents work as intake vents and exhaust vents. However, the efficiency of their work depends on the wind speed and direction.

Balanced attic ventilation: How it works?

Now we have an idea about different intake and exhaust vents, let’s try to know how attic ventilation works?

The attic has some air, and exhaust vents throw that out, creating a vacuum inside the attic. To fill this vacuum, fresh air comes inside through intake vents. If the intake vents are not properly working, the exhaust vent will expel the air even from your living spaces. Similarly, if the exhaust vent is not properly working, warm air from the attic enters your living space, increasing your electricity cost.

If you have to adjust the house’s temperature often, check the ventilation system of your home. Moreover, the bathrooms and the kitchen exhausts should not be in the attic; they should be outdoor. Let the contractor check your attic for proper ventilation.


Balance is very important for proper roof ventilation. Balanced airflow is important for the attic, and to achieve that, proper intake and exhaust of air is a must. Intake and exhaust vents work together to maintain the balance. They remove moist and warm air from the attic and attract fresh air from outside. Equal pressure is very important during this process.

In case of improper ventilation, you will face various issues. For proper working of the ventilation system, you can discuss the problems with a roofing contractor. They can check the ventilation system for any obstructions. They may advise you to install more vents, as the number of vents is not enough according to the size of the attic. It is more important to discuss the ventilation system when you plan roof replacement due to any reason.


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