Commercial Roofing Contractor in Orlando, FL

Gold Key Roofing has decades of experience in repairing, installing and replacing commercial roofing in Orlando. Our commercial roofing contractors have the technical skills and equipment to handle your commercial roofing replacement in Orlando. You might not know that there are many different types of commercial roofing styles to choose from. Low slope, steep grade, and flat roofs are common for commercial buildings. Many businesses have a combination of these different styles. If you need a new roof for an old building or new construction on a new building in Orlando, the commercial roofing contractors at Gold Key Roofing can handle it—and we always deliver high quality work on all our projects.

Determining whether you need a new roof will depend on the roofing materials used to construct your existing roof. Cedar is a common roofing material. It will split and break in dry climates. But it can be difficult to pull off cedar roofing without support from an experienced commercial roofing contractor in Orlando, with its moist climates. You will probably experience rot and moss growth on your cedar shingles. Cedar roofs generally have a lifespan of 20 years in the Orlando area. Tile roofs are another popular roofing material here in the Orlando area. Tile roofing can last up to a hundred years. Individual tiles will develop cracks and break. You should call our commercial roofing contractors in Orlando to replace the broken tiles. If you have concrete roofing, it should never need replacing unless something out of the ordinary happens.

Gold Key Roofing can offer a 10, 15 or 20 year Workmanship and material warranty on GAF TPO Everguard / This means if you keep you roof clean and maintained you can have zero roof concerns for 20 years.

Call Gold Key Roofing to talk to a roofing expert about your commercial roofing replacement in Orlando, Florida. Our flat roofs, TPO, and tile professionals can walk you through the process of replacing your roof and what materials and styles would be best for your building.