Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

We have been in business since 1975 and still working out of the same office building. Gold Key is real company with a real office please stop by check us out and have a bottled water on us…

We pull permits on all types of projects including residential & commercial roofing, new construction and kitchens. Permits are a very important process to protect homeowners, so make sure your contractor pulls the proper permit for your project. If you have any questions about the process Gold Key will sit down with you and explain the process in detail.

Gold Key Roofing offers a 5 , 10 and 15 year WORKMANSHIP warranty on asphalt shingles for residential homes.

Certinteed, Ownes Corning & GAF Shingles can offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 130 MPH wind rating

Commercial roofing

Gold Key Roofing can offer a 10, 15 or 20 year Labor and material warranty on GAF TPO Everguard / This means if you keep you roof clean and maintained you can have zero roof concerns for 20 years.

Residential & commercial roofing repairs:

We offer a one year warranty on most roof repairs. Most leaks that occur from roof repairs are from the original install and have nothing to do with the repair. If the roof was done installed correctly the first time it would not need a repair

Absolutely we use gold key employees only to install your roof NO S U B CONTRACTORS. Are employees are pre-screened and have been taught the best roofing techniques available to install your roof shingles.

Their is always a crew supervisor on every project and a project manager that over sees every project that is being completed. Gold Key Roofing has check list to assure every project is completed to our high standard.

When Gold Key Roofing starts a roof project we do not leave until the roof is 100% completed and ready a for final inspection. We do not move crews around once a project has been started. They same crew that starts a roof finishes that roof.

On certain roof projects we have a demo crew and an install crew, these projects are usually large or commercial roofs.

Yes Yes Yes! Safety plans are a must have in the construction industry. Gold Key Roofing has weekly and monthly safety meetings to keep our employees informed of how to protect themselves from any injury’s. Safety is very important to our company and we strive to protect our employees from any dangers.

The state code requires that every nail be removed from a roof before a new roof can be reinstalled, this can be over 2000 nails. Gold Key Roofing has tarps and magnets to try to prevent any nails from being lost, but nails are small and some China made nails do not pick up with magnets. Trash is a huge problem but it’s our company policy to keep our job sites clean everyday.

We recycle!

For the first time in our state we have recycle center for roofing material in Orlando. We take 90% of all our roofs to this recycle center. This is a huge plus for our community and land fills.