Orlando Roof Cleaning

What you need to know about roof cleaning? A Lot!!!

  • What is the #1 rule when hiring someone to clean your roof?

    Only use Florida State Certified Roofing Contractors! If you use anybody else, it could void your shingle or tile warranty from the manufacture.

    Here at Gold Key Roofing, we are licensed Building & Roofing Contractor in the State of Florida. So whether it is roof repair, roof replacement, or roof cleaning in Orlando, we are certified by the state to give you the proper information. Beware of scare tactics from non-licensed roof cleaning companies who are not regulated by the state. We repair roofs every week that were too old to clean or were cleaned with too much water pressure

  • About our roof cleaning

    Gold Key Roofing contractors are Orlando’s premier affordable roofers. At Gold Key Roofing, our customers are customer’s for life. We offer a Roof Maintenance plan that helps homeowners, condo associations and HOA’s a better way to extend the life of one’s roof.

    We offer homeowners in Orlando the cleaning and treating of Asphalt and Tile roofs with an EPA# certified product called Roof-a-Cide with a warranty that keeps Algae from re-growing on your roof. WE NOT USE ANY BLEACH ON YOUR ROOF. Safe on people, pets and plants! Call us today for answers to any questions and a FREE ESTIMATE.

    Contact us to get a free quote for roof cleaning and maintenance in the Orlando area.