Register on the Disaster Contractor’s Network  

DCN Logo

FRSA reminders members to register on the state’s Disaster Contractor Network (DCN) prior to Hurricane Dorian. FRSA is one of the founding members of the DCN, which was developed to help protect consumers against unlicensed contractor activity. The DCN website connects property owners with building professionals with storm related goods and services. 

To register on the DCN website, click here. You’ll need to enter your Florida license information exactly as it is listed with CILB. If you’re unsure of how your company is listed with CILB, please click here. Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll be able to select the type of work you provide and the counties in which you work. At the bottom you’ll be able to add “FRSA” to your profile. Since the program is funded by the state, it will be promoted by all government agencies. And, only Florida licensed professionals are able to add their information. A win for the good guys!

Praying that you, your families and employees will be safe during the storm!