Common Roofing Problems to Avoid

Have a roofing problem? There are various culprits that are attributed to roofing problems, and while each circumstance is different, there are a few commonalities most frequently seen in the construction industry.

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1. Weathering

This occurs when roofing material deteriorates due to direct exposure to weather inclemencies. Generally, inorganic roofing materials are less susceptible than organic materials, and acceleration of roofing material decay is a result of exposure to pollutants and industrial atmosphere.

2. Field of Shingles

The most common roof problem often is often due to issues with the field of shingles itself. Blowoffs, pooling water, and shrinking field membranes are all common problems attributed to leaking in the roof field.

3. Wind the Roofing

Membranes and/or an entire system that have been applied can partially rip due to vacuum winds, and uplifting pressure. To counteract the forces that are being exerted on the roof, the roofing/insulation must be fastened and secured to both the perimeter, and main roof structure.

4. Head Wall Flashing/Wall Step Flashing Head Wall

Head wall problems occur when the roof slopes down until it meets the flat face of a wall, causing rainwater to comes to a near complete stop (to pool) before continuing off the roof. In such cases, even small nicks can let water in; causing a great deal of damage, and making the origin difficult to diagnosis.

In issues pertaining to wall steps, poorly-installed or damaged flashing on a wall step can result in leaks that cause interior drips far from original leak, which are also hard to identify.

5. Design Problems

Design related problems are expensive to correct, and generally must be done while the replacement of the roofing material is underway.

Examples in design problems include incompatible roof materials, and weak structures which support the roof might deflect excessively under active loads. Additional design problems may also include improper roof slope, sagging roofs, and inadequate drainage systems. Such issues result in an accumulation of water; ergo, expensive water damage repairs.


Neglecting home repairs can cost you. The average cost of weather-related, roofing repairs are $6476 in weather damage, and an additional $1186 in preventive repairs.

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