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Shingle Roof: Select Appropriate Shingles for Your Roof

When we talk about roofs, shingles are the first thing that comes to our minds. It is so because we see them all around us, they are low-cost and easy to install too. Moreover, they are versatile. Many people think shingle selection is not difficult, as it’s about color and style only. However, it’s not the case, you have to choose shingles very carefully and keep some important things in mind.

Shingles are manufactured with different materials and of different qualities. Technology has enabled us to have a material for our roofs, which protects them from all kinds of possible damage. If you want a long lifespan for your roof, you must know the different qualities of asphalt shingles.

Select an appropriate category of shingles 

We can divide shingles into two different categories, based on material. The weight and durability of a shingle depend on the material which is used to manufacture it. Material is also responsible for the protective capacity of a shingle. So, you have to choose the material carefully.

  • Organic shingles: These shingles are manufactured with cellular fiber material, mainly paper, and other wood-based products. Paper is soaked in asphalt and after compressing this mixture under a high-pressure shingle is manufactured. This type of shingle is waterproof and can resist low temperatures. Moreover, they have flexibility and that makes them resistant to wear and tear. They are heavy and can resist high-speed winds and extreme temperature variations too.
  • Fiberglass shingles: A fiberglass base layer is used to make these shingles, which are later soaked in asphalt. The final coating is of ceramic granules which make it lighter in weight. They are light as less asphalt is used in manufacturing them. Fiberglass shingles are suitable for warm climates as they are heat resistant. However, they are not resistant to low temperatures and cannot resist strong winds like organic shingles.

Select appropriate Grade

Asphalt shingles are available in three different grades, which we are discussing here.

  • Good grade: It is the lowest grade, which is also called 3-tab shingles. They are very common and available at very low prices. They are manufactured with a single layer of asphalt material. They have a horizontal appearance. Three flat tabs are horizontally placed, which are not thick. The wind rating of this grade is 60 miles per hour. The lifespan of these shingles is around 10 years.
  • Better grade: The next grade is better, dimensional shingles or architectural shingles fall in this grade. They appear multi-dimensional as two or more layers of asphalt give a thick appearance. They are heavier as compared to good-grade shingles. The thickness made them resistant to changing weather conditions and they performed better. Multi-dimensional appearance increases the curb appeal of the house. The wind ranting of this grade is around 130 miles per hour. These shingles are waterproof and resistant to curling as well. The lifespan of this grade is more than 15 years.
  • Best grade: These shingles are also called premium quality or luxury shingles. These are the best asphalt shingles you can choose from. They are manufactured with many layers of fiberglass, which are later coated in asphalt. They are the most efficient asphalt shingles. They also offer the best weather resistance and are available in very attractive designs. As they are very heavy, their price is also high. The lifespan of these shingles is more than 20 years.

Choose according to performance capacity

The performance of roofing shingles depends on the temperature in which they have to perform. You need to select shingles according to the weather conditions of your area. The shingles must be able to withstand local weather and other features like wind ratings, fire, etc.

  • Wind ratings: If storms and high winds are common in your area, you need to find shingles that can withstand that. Overall wind rating is very important in this regard. The wind rating of shingles is based on their capability to resist uplift forces when tested against high winds. The range of wind resistance is different for different shingles. The lowest limit is 60 mph while the highest is 150 mph. So, choose according to wind speed in your area.
  • Impact Ratings: Resistant against overhead impact is measured as impact rating. This feature is more important for those areas which are prone to hail storms and high winds. Due to these environmental conditions debris is collected. The impact rating starts at class 1 which is the weakest resistance and for the highest impact resistance class 4 is used.
  • Fire ratings: When it comes to fire resistance, asphalt shingles are divided into three categories, namely Class A, B, and C. Class A is considered as best against fire. Class B is moderately fire resistant and class C offers the lowest resistance against fire. For many people, fire resistance is not important, but it’s vital for those areas where wildfires are common. Other than that, some fire incidents can happen at any place, sometimes due to high winds in which flying objects create sparks and lead to accidental fires. A short circuit is another reason for fires. In any fire incident, the fire-resistant roof will not catch fire instantly. It’s important for the safe evacuation of your family during a fire incident.

These are the important features and categories of asphalt shingles. You need to choose according to your area and needs. The local climate is very important when it comes to the selection of shingles. Choose good quality shingles if you want a long-lasting roof. Cheap materials have a short lifespan and frequent maintenance requirements. Moreover, hire a trusted roof contractor. He can guide you about the best shingles according to your needs and budget. Moreover, he can help with efficient installation. You can contact him for maintenance activities.

Shingles give a beautiful look and enhance the curb appeal of the house. However, the key is to choose the right type of shingles according to local weather conditions. Moreover, hiring a hood roofing contractor makes things easier for you.

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