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Roof maintenance: A spring cleaning checklist for Florida

Spring is all about colors and brightness around the world. Residents of Florida have to start their spring cleaning seriously, as soon as the season starts in the state. Spring cleaning is all about cleaning the house and it also includes roof work as well. Local people repair and maintain their roofs as winter has some damaging impacts on their roofs.

After spring, hot and humid weather will be there. So, spring is the right time to do all the cleaning, repair, and maintenance of the roof. We have collected a list of some maintenance tips, which will help you to prepare your roof for the upcoming season. This checklist has all the necessary points for Florida residents, for other areas, it may vary a little.

Roof spring cleaning checklist

Annual maintenance of a roof is very important. The steps mentioned here will help you to do that in the right order. Moreover, it will help to save money as you can solve some problems right in the beginning.

Gutter maintenance

If you inspect your roof gutters, you can access the condition of the roof. After winter, usually gutters are filled with organic material like tree twigs, leaves, and debris. Clogged gutters lead to problems like roof damage and even foundation damage. Just by cleaning and maintaining your gutters, you can avoid all these problems. To start cleaning, clean the surface and remove all twigs and leaves first. Then clean downspouts and wash them. Make sure water is properly drained, without any obstruction. It’s not just the cleaning but inspecting other signs of wear and tear as well. See if there is any sagging or if the edges of the gutter are intact. If you see any signs of damage, call a roofing contractor and fix the issue in the beginning.

Tree trimming

Many people take it as a myth, but trees can indeed cause damage to roofs. They are more damaging during storms. Strong winds can break large branches and when they fall on nearby roofs, they can damage the roof system, one way or the other. so, to avoid this kind of damage, the best thing is to trim all the trees around the house. Trim overhanging branches, particularly those which are close to the roof and windows.

Do mold inspection

Winters are damp and provide the moisture required for mold growth. As soon as the temperature starts rising in spring, we see mold growth on roofs. Visible growth of mold, mildew, and algae are seen on shingles. If this growth remains untreated, it can damage shingles and allow the water to damage the inner roof structure. So, inspect your roof, and if you see mold growth treat it as soon as possible. If the extent of the problem is less, you can use a simple cleaning mixture of bleach and water. It will not only remove mold and algae but will restore the beauty of your roof too.

Attic inspection

Houses having attics need attic inspection as part of spring cleaning. The attic can reveal various potential roofing problems, which you may not be able to spot otherwise. For instance, wood rot in the attic is a clear sign of roof damage. Mold growth is also common in the attic, which also reflects water seepage. So, if you see any of these signs, call an experienced roof inspector to find the cause of these problems and save your roof from severe damage.

Shingle maintenance

Shingles are the first line of defense against any damage when we talk about roofs. However, they are very vulnerable to damage too. Strong winds, storms, and sun rays break and crack them. Strong winds can blow them away and expose the underlying roof layer to water and sun. So, it’s very important to replace broken and missing shingles as soon as you notice them. It will save your roof repair cost. Hire a professional contractor for the job. If there will be a gap between shingles, water can easily seep through and your money will be wasted. Professionals know the error-free methods of shingle installation.

General roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is not all about gutters only. You need to clean tree branches, leaves, and debris from all corners of the roof. Collection of debris invites rodents and heaps of leaves can allow water to stand for long and cause roof damage. Clean debris and leaves and clean shingles too. You can use a cleaning solution for that. However, avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and pressure washers as they can be damaging to shingles.

Inspect roofing material

Shingles are not the only roofing component that demands your attention, there are other materials that you need to inspect, for instance, flashings. Flashings are metal strips that secure roof vents, chimneys, and skylights. Inspect flashing, they should be strongly intact. If they are loose or missing, it will be a passage for water and an invitation for water damage. So, flashing inspection is an important part of spring cleaning.

Hire a professional roof inspector

Experts recommend a roof inspection after a few months, even if there are no visible signs of damage. An expert inspector can spot minor issues and fix them before they turn into big problems. The small problems become big ones within days and you need to spend good money to fix them. Paying an expert for their services is very economical if you compare expenses. Inspector will check the whole roofing structure and inform you about West and tear, leakage, mold growth, or any other damage which is not visible.

These are some important things, which must be part of roof spring cleaning. They will help you to have a clean and healthy roof and will extend the life of your roof. If the roof is properly maintained, it reduces the repairing cost and you can avoid many emergencies associated with roofs. However, make sure you hire a professional roof inspector or roofing company for inspection and repair. Professionals can do this not only perfectly but quickly too.

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