Why Choose Fiberglass Shingles Over Organic Ones: The Benefits Explained

Why Choose Fiberglass Shingles Over Organic Ones: The Benefits Explained

Among the array of roofing materials available today, asphalt shingles, owing to their affordability, have secured a leading spot. These are offered in two variations: fiberglass and organic asphalt shingles, each possessing unique advantages and drawbacks. This article, however, highlights the superior benefits fiberglass shingles bring to the table, primarily eclipsing their organic counterparts.

Lightness – An Undeniable Advantage

A remarkable feature of fiberglass shingles lies in their lightweight construction. With a reduced asphalt composition compared to organic shingles, these fiberglass variants are considerably lighter – a factor attributing to several unique advantages.

Transport Efficiency

Transporting lighter objects is undoubtedly easier, and this stands true for fiberglass shingles. Logistically, the same truck can conveniently carry a larger volume of fiberglass shingles than their organic counterparts, which results in cost and energy efficiency.

Installation and Repair Simplified

Installation and Repair Simplified

The lightweight nature of fiberglass shingles also simplifies the installation and repair process. The ease of handling these materials allows roofers to transport them onto the roof and relocate them as needed efficiently. Consequently, the installation process could be quicker, reducing labor costs.

Hassle-free Overlays

Another benefit of their lightness is their suitability for overlaying. This process, which involves installing new shingles over old ones, can potentially risk overburdening the roof structure. However, the lightweight attribute of fiberglass shingles significantly mitigates this risk.


From a financial perspective, fiberglass shingles emerge as a more economical choice over organic ones. Lower installation costs due to easy handling and affordable market prices contribute to this cost-effectiveness. Thus, for budget-conscious consumers, fiberglass shingles should be the preferred option.

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance Roof Shingle

Organic shingles contain cellulose, a paper-based material, while fiberglass is a mixture of reinforced plastic and glass fibers. Fiberglass shingles offer superior fire resistance, a critical attribute, particularly in regions prone to frequent wildfires.

Moisture Resistance

The material composition of fiberglass shingles not only enhances fire resistance but also offers increased resistance to moisture. These shingles are less likely to allow water penetration compared to cellulose-based organic shingles. This becomes especially beneficial in humid areas, on low-sloped roofs with slow drainage, or roofs in shaded areas that dry slowly. Also, the resistance to moisture contributes to slower material degradation, potentially reducing maintenance needs.

Ecological Impact

When assessing the environmental footprint, fiberglass shingles prove to be less detrimental. The minimized transport emissions due to easy transportation, lower asphalt content, and absence of organic materials contribute to this eco-friendly nature. Although these benefits may not be immediate, they contribute significantly in the long run.

Strength and Durability

Despite being lighter and thinner, fiberglass shingles are considerably stronger than organic shingles. The reduced asphalt content ensures minimal drying, enabling the shingles to retain their shape and flexibility even after years of use.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Regardless of the type of asphalt shingle chosen, professional installation, inspection, and maintenance remain essential. Gold Key Roofing, with our vast industry experience since 1975, provides these services professionally and affordably. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you to create a roof that lasts.

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