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Hurricanes: How to Prepare Your Roof in Orlando?

Roofs face many threats at different times of the year, and Hurricanes are the most dangerous. During a storm, wind speed can exceed 150mph, which is damaging for structures. Strong winds can damage shingles tiles and be destructive for other parts of the roof. That is why homeowners are advised to check their roofs as soon as they get a Hurricane alert. Here we have a list of a few things you can check and prepare your roof before the hurricane hits.

Roof inspection: First of all, you can check the roof to see if it needs repair. Hire a professional roof company in Orlando to examine your roof. Usually, homeowners don’t notice minor problems as they are not noticeable. But experts can identify very few issues and help you secure your roof. It would help if you went for a roof inspection as soon as possible. It will give you time to repair before the storm hits.

Secure yard furniture: Flying debris is another problem associated with hurricanes. Small things and tools can fly with strong wind and be dangerous for any part of your home. So, it is good to keep all loose objects inside the garage. You can also move furniture if it is not very heavy. If the furniture is heavy or you have other decorative items in the yard, properly cover and secure them before the hurricane. Toys and trampolines on the lawn also need your attention.

Fix loose shingles and tiles: Winds can damage shingles and tiles, whatever is your roofing material. Loose shingles can turn into a projectile when strong winds hit the area. These airborne objects can be very damaging. Moreover, the absence of shingles or tiles will reduce the protective layer, and the roof will be prone to damage. If the roof inspector identifies loose shingles or tiles, don’t ignore them. Fix the tiles and replace broken shingles to prepare your roof for a hurricane.

Trim the trees near home: Hurricane is dangerous for trees too. after a hurricane, you can see large trees uprooted and falling on the ground. The shade of a tree gives a pleasant feeling in summer, but if a tree falls on your roof, it’s very dangerous. If trees are very close to the building and their branches hang on the roof, you must trim them before the storm. There can be fallen leaves and other debris on the roof; clean that too. Proper trim of trees will not allow them to rub against the house, and you can avoid great damage.

Arrange a tarp: Tarp is multi-functional, and you can use it during the hurricane as well. You can use a tarp to cover the roof. Shingle or tiles will have a protective layer, and there will be less chance of damage. You can use a tarp not only for the roof but also for other areas. For instance, you can use it to cover the pool area, swings, or any other equipment in the yard. So having a large tarp is a must-have for those areas where Hurricanes are common. Suppose you can afford to buy a trap manufactured with tear-resistant material. You can also use it to cover windows if they already have cracks and you have no time to repair them.

Install roof straps: Roof straps are a new technology evolving very rapidly. They play a very important role in protecting the roofs during a hurricane. Roof straps are metal straps that hold the ceiling and roof together. It increases the strength of the roof and protects against strong winds.

Do necessary repairs: If your roof has cracks or minor leakage, it can turn into a big problem after the hurricane. So, if you know it already or the roof inspector finds out during inspection, don’t delay the repair. Replace broken shingles, fix leakage, repair seals and membranes; everything is important. Keep in mind that if you ignore these repair issues, it can be very damaging for the roof, and you may end up changing your roof after the hurricane. Roof replacement is costly and time-consuming compared to little repairing activities.

Cover skylights: Skylights are also prone to damage during a hurricane. The glass surface can easily crack and shatter. If you do not cover the skylight, the dust and water will come inside the house. So, it’s better to cover the glass with proper cover. You can use plywood as covering, or a metal cover can also be used. But the cover should be properly fitted on the skylight. Otherwise, it can also become a projectile during a Hurricane.

Take pictures from various angles: No one can predict the hurricane’s intensity or how much it can be damaging for your house. So, it’s always better to take precautions. It would help if you took pictures of the home from various angles. If the house faces any damage during the hurricane, your insurance will ask for evidence. If you have pictures, it will be easier for you to prove that your home was in good condition before the hurricane struck.

Roof care after hurricane

If you were prepared for the hurricane, the chances are you will experience minor damage. Once the hurricane is over, you can take a few steps to bring things back to normal.

  • Check your roof and see if there are any signs of damage.
  • Inspect the interior and see if you see any cracks or anything else worth noticing.
  • Hire a professional for a roof inspection and roof repair if you see any damage.

If the wind speed was more than 70Mph, you must hire a roof inspector. If the roof gets damaged and you leave it unattended, it can be dangerous for your home and lead to roof replacement. So, timely inspection and repair can save a lot of your money. It can secure your house, and you can save the report of the roof inspector for inspection purposes later. Roofs are very important and very expensive; a little care can extend the life and can save your money as well.


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