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Hail Damage on roof after hailstorm


How to detect hail roof damage?

When you have a hailstorm in your area, it is vital to check your roof for any damage. A hail storm is usually not uniform. In a neighborhood, few houses can get damaged while few may remain safe. You can see some signs of hail damage, which can be

  • Damaged leaves
  • Indents in cars
  • Smashed Air conditioner unit
  • Damage to other exterior furnishings

Hail Damage roof inspection

You can see some damages to the roof from your room, while most of the room problems are not easily seen from the outside and you need a proper roof inspection for that. It is always better to hire a roof inspector for inspection. He has the proper tools to inspects the roof, and he can provide you with reliable information. If you want to do the roof inspection yourself, you need to follow the safety guidelines.

Different types of hail roof damage

The hail storm caused damage to the roof in various ways, and different parts got damaged. There are different types of roof hail damage.

Surface hail damage: Surface hail damage is the most common type of roof damage. The damage is more clear if you have a shingle roof. You can see black areas, bruises, and small divots on the roof. Protective granules also get damage, and you can easily see them in gutters.

Hidden roof hail damage: All roof damages are not on the surface of the roof. When you see the roof, you can see split shingles. If you see this kind of damage, it’s time to call the roof inspector. He will see the problem, and your roof may need resealing of shingles. Professionals will do a comprehensive analysis of damage and take care of roof vents, flashing, gutters, skylights, and chimney caps.

Correct identification of roof damage is very important. In some cases, you may need to claim a warranty from the company. For instance, if the damage was done during shingles installation, the company will be responsible for that. Similarly, if the damage is done due to UV radiations and the company claims to provide UV-protected roofs, you can ask the company to replace the roof. Other than that, wind and debris can also cause problems. Once the problem and extent are identified, the roof inspection can suggest the next steps. If the damage is less, repairing will be enough, but if the roof is greatly damaged, you must replace the roof.

Why should we fix the roof hail damage?

Sometimes roof damage can be limited to the surface only, and there are no chances to cause any potential threat. On the other hand, it can be damaging, affecting the performance of the roof. If damage has cause cracks in the roof and water can pass through them, it is something serious. Performance issues like this should be solved as soon as possible. If you ignore these damages, they can lead to serious accidents and can cause water damage to the walls.

Similarly, if the roof’s shingles are affected, it gives a dirty look to your roof, and the roof’s performance may also get affected in some areas. Granules give protection against UV light. If they are broken, the damage due to UV radiation will be more.

Do insurance agencies cover hail roof damage?

The majority of the insurance agencies cover this kind of damage, but it may vary. If you live in an area where hail storms are common or frequent, you must consider this factor when you insure your house. Some important points to claim insurance are as follows.

  • Homeowners can file a claim within one year.
  • You may have to pay your share before asking the insurance agency to pay their percentage.
  • Once you file a claim, the insurance company may increase your premium rates.
  • Most insurance agencies do not cover cosmetic roof hail damage.
  • You can ask your insurance agent for further details.

Tips for handling hail damage claims

  • Choose your roof contractor wisely. Get references from family and friends. You can read reviews and compare the charges of different contractors to choose the best one.
  • Once you are sure about the damage, inform your insurance company immediately. Now a day, companies are using online portals to facilitate their clients.
  • When the work starts, the insurance company and roofing contractor must know about their roles and duties.

How to prevent the roof from hail damage?

Suppose your life is in an area where frequent hailstorms, you have to take some protective measures. If a hail storm is predicted in your area, it means all your outdoor belongings are in danger. It can be your vehicle, outdoor furniture, and outer units of your air conditioner.

You can shift some of these things inside, but you have limited options when it comes to protecting the roof. All you can do is use the strong roof material, which can withstand hail storms without facing much damage. Impact-resistant shingles are available these days, also called class 4, which can reduce damage to your roof. If you have these shingles, there are chances to get an insurance discount from the insurance company, but you have to ask the insurance agent for that. All you can do is, try to minimize the hail storm damage. Timely detection of the damage and proper repairing or replacement are very important in this regard. You must hire a professional contractor of this job.


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