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When Do You Need a New Roof? – Let a Professional Roof Inspector Help You Decide

Roof is one of the most important parts of any home. If there is a problem with the roof and you don’t know about that, it can cause a big problem. A sudden storm, heavy rain or any environmental calamities can be really damaging for the house. Strong wind and exposure to water can cause severe damage to buildings. In the beginning, it’s just the moisture, but with the passage of time it causes real damage. It is very important to stop it, before it become threat for the residents. However, roofs look just fine when you look at them, a you just find few sings of moisture. But, to know the real condition of the roof, you need an expert. A roof inspection can help you to detect the damage before it becomes threat for you and your family.

How I will know when I need a new roof?

A common person can look at the roof and try to guess, if he needs a new roof or not. Unprofessional common home owners cannot detect problems, but they can do some kind of inspection before calling the roof inspector. Try to answer following questions and you will have some idea about the condition of your roof.

  • Does your roof appear fine, when you look at it?
  • Are there some pieces missing?
  • Is there growth of moss and mildew on the roof?
  • Is there debris in the gutters?
  • Is the area underneath roof is in good condition?
  • Do you see water stains on walls?
  • Is the roof flashing in good condition?

Answers of these questions will help you to do the initial evaluation about the condition of your roof. You can guess the condition of the roof, but keep in mind that some problems are not visible on the outside. And this kind of damages can be a serious threat.

The life of a roof can be more than 20 years, but if it is properly cared and maintained. You should not wait for 20 years before you think about changing the roof. Environmental factors like variations in temperature, strong winds, heavy rains and moss growth lead to wear and tear and the roofs start aging at a faster rate. The above answers can help you to notice any visible damage, but you cannot rely on these answers to be sure about the condition of your roof, you will need roof inspection.

Advantages of having roof inspection

Changing a roof can be an expensive step, particularly if you have a large house. So, it is very important to make sure either you need a new roof or not. Only a trained professional roof inspector can help you to know the exact condition of your roof. Roof inspectors have proper tools and they know the places which are usually damaged. Inspection of different types of roofs is different and professionals know about them. When you call a roof inspector, you can expect following things.

The life of the Three – tab asphalt single roof is usually 15 to 17 years. On the other hand, architectural asphalt shingles can work for approximately 25 years. A roof inspector can tell you if your roof is in good condition and will meet these standard time scales or not.

Shingles are very important part of your house and they face all the natural disasters. The roof inspector will evaluate the condition of shingles. He will check the gutters for that. If the gutters are broken pieces of shingles and there are a lot of granules, it means shingles need to be replaced. Weather can cause real damage to the singles and they may need replacement after few years.

How a Roof inspector can help?

Hiring professional and honest roof inspector is very important. He must have proper knowledge and tools to check the condition of the roof. If he says that roof is in good condition and there are only few spots, which need to be repaired, you should trust him. It can save your money and time and you can use the same roof for a few more years.

However, if roof inspector says, that condition of the roof is not good and you must replace it. You should trust him. If he says so, it means he is not satisfied with the condition of your roof. He has found some significant problems, which need to be addressed soon.

A roof inspector can ask you to change the roof, to save your money. Sometimes such spots of the roof are damaged which are difficult to repair and replace. Repairing those parts will cost you more and having a new roof will be less expensive. So, it is very important to discuss the condition of the roof with the professional. He can guide you better and you can discuss all the available options according to your budget.

People usually do not both about the roof, as far as it is not leaking and pieces are not falling apart. But you have to understand that roof is as important as the foundation of your house. You cannot afford to have a damaged roof on the heads of your family members.

So, having a new roof can be a crucial decision and a roof inspection can help you with that. Roof inspectors are professionals and they are well aware of the latest materials and roofing technology. They can find best possible solution for you within your budget. You can discuss your preferences, either you want a beautiful roof or a durable one. Inspectors can guide you according to that. However, make sure you hire a professional and experienced inspector, who is well aware of latest roofing trends. An experienced person can waste your time and money. You can ask for the reference from your family and friends and hire the one, who actually know his work.


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