A Detailed Guide to Examining the Costs of Replacing your Roof



Are you planning to undertake a roof replacement project to invest in a sturdier structure that will protect the cosmetic and structural integrity of your property? Most homeowners feel anxious about the overwhelming costs associated with a roof replacement. It’s an expensive undertaking, but at the end of the day, it’s an investment that will preserve your property and increase its lifespan.

The expense of a roof replacement will enhance the curb appeal and market value of your property, alongside reducing your energy consumption, utility bills and repair costs. The overall cost of a roof replacement depend on various factors that are unique to every property.

Keep reading to explore crucial factors that will help determine the cost of a roof replacement.

Sizing & Specifications

The size of your roof is the most significant factor that determines the cost of replacement. How much surface area do you have to cover with materials? How many shingles will your roof need? What kind of materials are you planning to use? The square footage of the roof is another crucial factor, and it’s crucial to avoid confusing the square footage of the roof with that of the entire house.

You see, the square footage of the home is the sum of all living spaces and areas in your property, excluding the interior walls, garage, basement and multiple stories in your home. However, the roof square footage excludes multiple areas.

In order to find the exact square footage of your roof, you need to sum up the walkways and overhangs, garage area, entryway, and the lanais. If you want a rough estimate of the square footage, multiply the length of all the flat planes with their width, and add them together. The measurements will give you a roughly accurate sum of the square footage.

However, for accurate measurements, it’s wise to hire a professional who can provide you a written estimate to eliminate the guesswork.

Steepness of the Slope

The slope of the roof is another essential aspect that will determine the square footage and the total cost of a roof replacement. Do you have a steep slope roof, or perhaps a combination of a low and steep slope? Typically, a steeper rope translates into an expensive roof replacement project, given the safety measures required to perform an efficient job.

A steep roof demands the contractor to bring in specialized equipment and undertake various risks while performing the repairs or replacement. The slope factor will also increase the total square footage, so be sure to factor that into the cost.

The Waste Factor

Most homeowners are unaware of the waste factor, which has a significant impact on the total cost of the project. You see, around 10-15% of the total square footage of the roof is considered as the waste factor. This calculation depends entirely on the roof structure, construction style and materials.

Generally, the waste factor refers to the roofing material allocated towards the hips and valleys, and the material used to construct the roof penetrations, gable endings and flashings.

Squares & Materials

Squares is a term that roofing contractors and industry insiders use to measure the total area of the roof structure. That’s right, roofs and roofing material estimates are conducted using squares. For instance, the roof square refers to an area sprawling over 100 square feet, covering a 10-inch x 10-inch area.

The roof square and materials have a profound impact on the overall cost of the replacement process. The cost of materials is subject to various factors, such as the location of your property, rules and regulations of the homeowner’s association, and the state and local building codes. Certain materials do not meet the roof code requirements, demanding you spend more to procure high quality materials.

The components and items that require replacement will also have an impact. Do you need to replace the shingles? Or perhaps, you need to replace the vents, flashing and underlayment? In addition to these components, you may also have to invest in installing new decking and flashing around the skylights.

Each component comes with a different cost, warranty and performance, and the design and construction quality also has an impact on the price. For instance, synthetic underlayment comes with a whopping cost as it is a premium-grade product. In contrast, a roll of felt is cheap, and its cheapness reflects through its quality and utility.

Architectural Design and Structure

The architectural design and shape of the roof structural will have a detrimental impact of the cost of a roof replacement project. Does your roof come attached with several dormers? Or perhaps, it features a set of valleys and gables? Typically roofing designs with a steep A-frame structure tend to be extremely costly.

Instead of engaging in guesswork, it’s wise to get a written estimate from the contractor to understand the cost of reroofing with your architectural design. If a roof has a complex construction, the cost of replacement is bound to be high.

The condition of your existing roof structure is also a significant factor. Is your entire roof heavily damaged with water leakages, or perhaps, you need to replace a small portion of the roof? The condition of the roof structure will also increase or decrease the cost, depending on whether the existing structure is usable or not.

At times, repairing the existing structure demands a lot of labor and expensive materials, which makes a roof replacement project cheaper than performing the repairs.

Wrapping Up

The state and local building and energy codes will also have a profound impact on your overall roof replacement costs. You see, the cost of materials, labor rates and other factors tend to vary, depending on the geographical location.

Do you need to obtain any permits from the local municipal authorities to undertake a roof replacement? Be sure to factor in the cost of the fees and permits while compiling your budget. It may seem overwhelming but you can explore various financing options to reduce the burden.


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