Roof Underlayment: How it Protects Your Home?

When we talk about the components of a home, the roof is the most important one. It is about the safety of the home and also adds to the esthetic value. The roof has different components, and everyone plays an important role in its performance; underlayment is one of them. Underlayment is a very important component of the roof, and it can play a vital role in protecting your home. Let’s understand the importance of underlayment.

What is underlayment?

Underlayment is the protective sheet, which is installed on the roof deck. Different materials are used to make this, which can be plywood, step sheathing, or OSB. These materials are used in the form of large sheets and fixed on the rafters of the roof. The structure of the roof gets stability and protection with these large boards. If any water gets under the shingles, underlayment protects your roof from moisture.

Different types of roof underlayment

There are different types of roof underlayment used for different roofs according to the needs of the house. All these types have their benefits. Your roofing contractor can guide you better about the most suitable one according to your needs. Different buildings codes also have regulations about using this underlayment; you can get the details from the concerned department. The types of roof underlayment are as follows.

Felt underlayment:

The oldest type of roof underlayment is felt underlayment. It is also called tar paper. The base is of an organic material that has asphalt on it. Asphalt makes it water-resistant and durable. These underlayment sheets are available in two different types, based on their weight. One is called no.15 felt, 15 pounds per hundred square feet, and the other is called no.30 felt, which is 30 pounds per hundred square feet. Usually, no. 15 is used, but It is not durable. It is easy to rip and should be installed very carefully. If professionals do not install it, it can get wrinkles during the installation process.

Most of the contractors recommend No. 30 felt, which is thicker and durable. To add a further protection, roof contractors use multiple layers of these sheets. The use of this underlayment varies from region to region. It is common in those areas where tile shingles are used.

Self-Adhered underlayment:

This type of underlayment is called self-adhered underlayment due to its sticky back. They can easily adhere to the deck of the roof. The material has asphalt and rubber, which make this material water-resistant. The sticking features create a waterproof barrier between the roof and underlayment itself. This underlayment is commonly used in rainy areas, where roofs are mostly damaged due to rainwater. It does not allow the roof water to penetrate the roof, and many related problems can be easily avoided. More features are added to this underlayment now. Now we can have underlayment having polyester and polyethylene layers over them, which make them water-resistant. It also reduces the slipperiness and makes it safer for the worker to walk around.

Synthetic underlayment:

Synthetic underlayment is very popular these days. This underlayment is manufactured with different materials. But the best thing about it is its design. Instead of one layer of a material, it consists of different polymers woven together to form a strong sheet.

There are different advantages of synthetic underlayment. For instance, it is durable and tear-resistant. As different layers are woven together, so it is strong as well. It is lighter as compared to other underlayments and gives more coverage in a single roll. It provides a safe walking surface. Moreover, installation is very easy. It is water-resistant and resists mold growth as well.

Why is Roof underlayment necessary?

When we talk about roofs, shingles are the first thing that faces the environmental factors. Shingles protect the roof in more than one way. They reflect the sun’s rays, give protection against winds, and reduce the effects of rain to some extent. Rood underlayment is important due to various reasons; some are mentioned here.

  • It protects the roof when strong winds cause damage to the shingles, leaving your roof open to severe damage.
  • It also protects the roof deck as ice dams can damage it during winter.
  • Weather can be bad anytime, during the installation of the roof too. If you have roof underlayment, it will protect against bad weather episodes when installing the roof.
  • Different local building laws force their residents to have roof underlayment for safety and protection. Moreover, shingle manufacturers do not offer a warranty if you do not install underlayment.

Different manufacturers are making a variety of roof underlayments for the protection of your homes. You can choose any underlayment according to your budget and needs.

Find a professional contractor

If you are facing any roof-related issues in your home, all you need to do is find a reliable roof contractor. He will do a proper inspection of the roof and will detect the real problem. He can suggest repairing your roof or replacing it. He can recommend the right kind of underlayment for your house. It will protect your home from extreme weather events.

A reliable roofing contractor can help you to save your money. They know the local building laws and are well aware of the insurance coverage as well. Ask family and friends if they have any working experience with the contractor. You can find them, contractors, online too. Read reviews and comments about them before you hire a contractor. Budget is also an important factor in this regard. People usually hire cheap contractors. But one should not compromise on the experience and expertise of the contractor. Hire the best one as it is about the protection of your home.

Roof underlayment is an important component of a roof. It can protect your home and gives an additional layer of safety. It saves your money, which you have to spend on repair and replacement. So, install it now and make your home a safe place for your family.


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