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Storms in Orlando Florida: How to Find Hidden Roof Damage After Storm

A storm is very damaging in every part of the world, depending on the intensity. But in Florida, we have a hurricane season, and the months from June to September are very difficult for residents. You can see pictures and images related to storms in each news bulletin. You can see vehicles covered with water and broken things all around. Water enters residential and commercial buildings and damages properties and belongings.

However, there is another side of the picture. Flooding directly impacts buildings, but that is not the only impact. Other than flooding, homes and commercial buildings get damaged due to heavy rains and strong winds. Winds can be very damaging to roofs, and this damage is usually not noticeable.

Winds with high velocity can lift the shingles, no matter the material. Usually, shingles are fixed by using nails to make them strong and resistant to high-speed winds. But in storms, winds can be strong and rip up shingles with the nails. Sometimes the shingles are just detached by the wind, and when the storm stops, they fall back in their place. The roof looks perfectly normal in such cases, and it seems it has withstood the storm well. You don’t realize the extent of damage unless you go up the roof and lift the shingle to see if it is holding its place properly or not.

This is the damage that you cannot notice standing on the ground. To see this damage, you have to observe very closely and carefully. A glance at the roof will not be enough to tell the complete story of damage.

There are different signs which can help you to tidy the damage. For instance, the lifting of the shingles can be recognized with creases on them. But these creases are not visible from a long distance. You can see them when you are 4-5 feet away. It means they are not noticeable from the ground. It is important to understand that shingles don’t bend normally. However, when half of the nails are roped through, strong winds try to bend them, resulting in a viable crease or crack on the shingle’s surface.

In such situations, when the shingle is still in place but it is not in perfect shape or not properly intact with the roof, leakage is the result. If your roof is damaged after the storm in such a secretive way, you need veteran help from a roofing contractor. They will inspect the roof and suggest if repairing is enough or if you need complete replacement.

If you file a insurance claim for this type of roof damage, you must consult a roofing contractor. They will help you with the procedure and prepare the documents. The insurance company can also send an inspector to access the damage. If they inspects the roof from the ground, They  will not notice the damage. The only way to inspect is to lift the edges of shingles and closely examine the cracks and creases.

Adhesive failure

Adhesive material or sealant is very important when we talk about shingles. A good sealant keeps the shingles intact. The sealant is not very strong when you use it for installation, but it becomes very strong after being constantly heated by the sun’s rays. A newly installed shingle is weaker compared to the one installed months ago. However, there is no lifetime guarantee for any sealant. It gets weak after completing its life, or there can be problems during installation even.

No matter what the reason is, if the sealant is not strong, there are chances that shingles will get more damage during the storm. Some roofing experts suggest resealing the shingles once the storm is over. You can easily spot these shingles by observing their creases. Ideally, the damaged shingles must be replaced; however, if there are budget issues or other problems, you can also consider repairing them.

If the wind or storm causes damage and the roof has not completed its lifetime, the insurance company will cover the claim, and you can easily replace damaged shingles or the entire roof.

Get help from professionals.

You can easily find many roofing companies in Orlando, Florida that provide roofing services in the state. However, you have to choose a reliable service. Sometimes the damage is less, and they exaggerate it to make money. So, it’s better to hire a trustworthy service. Ask your friends and family if they have experience of working with someone. You can also read online reviews before contacting a service.

Moreover, when they start inspecting the roof, make sure you are with the roof inspector. They should find the damage which is caused by the weather or due to the age of the roof.

Role of the Insurance company

Storm damage is different from other damages. Wind damage and hail damage their distinctive features, which can be differentiated from other damages. If the insurance covers your roof, you can claim the insurance. You need to provide sufficient proof that the storm damages the roof. However, sometimes insurance companies refuse the claim due to the roof’s age. They assume that the damage was due to the age of the roof and not the storm. If the roof’s age is more than 10 years, it’s about to complete its life span. The insurance company will not pay you in this case, and you must replace the roof. But if the roof is new, you can successfully get your claim money if you have sufficient proof. If the insurance company denies your claim, you can contact a property damage attorney and choose the legal way to get your claim. But in this case, you must have solid proof about the age of your roof and the reason for the damage.

It’s basic information about storms in Florida and what to do after a storm. The key is the proper maintenance of the roof to minimize the damage. Hire professionals for inspection, maintenance and repair, if you want a strong roof.


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