Roof Preparation to Meet the Challenge of the Hurricane Season

Florida is a region that is prone to hurricanes. The official hurricane season here starts on 1 June and  Florida is no stranger to the destruction caused by hurricanes. You don’t need a major hurricane to challenge the integrity of the structure of your home. It is the roof that takes most of the brunt during a hurricane. Here are important ways in which you can prepare your roof to be ready for the hurricane season.

Inspect the roof

The best step in the direction of preparation is to have an inspection of the roof done by an expert. Of course, you can do manual inspection yourself but there is no substitute to the experience and skills of a qualified roof contractor. He will identify the problem areas and give you an estimate for the required repairs.

Using hurricane straps

These are tie downs that help in preventing damage to the roof in the event of a hurricane. Not all roof types require this protection, but they certainly provide protection against high speed winds created by storms. If you think your roof is not very strong, it is prudent to install these tie downs.

Trimming the trees

Trees standing near your home can prove dangerous if they fall upon your roof in the case of a hurricane. It is common for diseased tree limbs to snap because of the force created by hurricane winds. In addition to limbs, trees can also leave behind twigs, dead leaves, and pine needles that can remain on your roof shingles to make them weak. This mulch stays wet after receiving some water from rainfall. The shingles on your roof can easily rot because of this wet mulch. By trimming the trees near your house, you can make sure that your roof remains clean and dry to face the hurricanes.

Keep roof gutters clean and free flowing

Check your gutters before the hurricane season to make sure they are clean without any debris. This will ensure that rain water does not accumulate in the gutters to create pressure on your roof.
Identify problem areas yourself It is of course a good idea to get your roof inspected by a local, experienced roofing contractor. Before that, you can take a close look yourself to identify problem spots so that you can discuss them with the contractor. Go on the top of the roof using a ladder and look at the shingles. If you feel unsafe, you can do the same by looking closely with the help of binoculars. If you see missing shingles, rust spots, displaced nails, cracked shingles, and granules of shingles in the gutters, it is better to point the problems in front of the contractor.

Look inside the home also

Roof problems are visible not just on the top but also on the ceiling and the walls of your rooms. Moisture spots on the ceiling are clear signs of roof problems. Also check inside the attic. If you find signs of moisture or dampness inside the attic, the culprit could be your roof.

If you follow these steps, you can easily brace up your roof for the tough hurricane season. These steps become more important if your shingles roof is nearing its life term.

If you’d like to talk more about the value of inspections, or you need help with roof, please contact us at Gold Key Roofing.

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