Shingle Roof Replacement: All you Need to Know

Most homeowners pay little attention to the condition of their roofs and become concerned only when they start to leak. Roofs not only protect us from the elements but also keeps the house safe. As a homeowner in Florida, you should weigh your options when selecting the material for roofing. Shingles roofs are most common in Florida as they are inexpensive and lend attractive looks to the house. They also provide good protection if installed properly by a licensed roof contractor. Here is what you need to know about shingles roof when you have decided to replace your roof.

Hire services of a specialist roofing contractor

Most important step when replacing your shingles roof is to hire services of a reliable and experienced expert. Do as much research as you can to make sure that you find someone who is highly skilled and has long experience of installing shingles roof in your area. Installing a new roof is a costly exercise and you must make sure that the roof contractor you choose is licensed and fully insured.

When should you go in for a replacement

There are many tell-tale signs of damage to the roof that include dark spots on the ceiling, missing or cracked shingles, rot in the ply boards, and so on. Though it is possible to repair the existing roof, it is better to go in for a replacement if your shingles roof has completed more than 12 years. If you waste time, repairs could become very costly and very time consuming. It’s better to have a reliable roofing contractor pay visit to your house for an inspection to know if replacement is due.

Are there different types of shingles roofs?

You have several options irrespective of the roofing material you finalize for your roof. Even if you decide in favor of shingles, you must choose between traditional 3 tab and architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are thicker and give a new look to your house. These shingles are also heavy and do not wear and tear easily in the face of storms and hurricanes. However, if you are budget conscious, you may have to go with 3-tab shingles. It is better to consult your contractor regarding the choice of shingles.

Options in terms of color of shingles

Shingles come in many different colors and your contractor will show you samples to choose the best color of shingles for your house. It is better to go with a light color as Sun beats down on the roof on the roof in Florida all-round the year. Light color shingles will keep temperature inside the home lower to decrease your energy consumption. You can look around in your neighborhood to see what colors have been used by your neighbors. You can also ask for pictures of previous roofs installed by the contractor to decide on the color.

Always insist upon warranties

Roofing is a costly and time-consuming exercise that is undertaken occasionally only. You should ask for different warranties on the roofing material and workmanship form your contractor. These warranties include those that are available from the manufacturer and those provided by contractors on the quality of work. Warranties give you peace of mind as you can always contact the contractor in case roof starts to leak soon.

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