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Solar Panels: Prepare Your Roof Before Installation

Energy bills are a major portion of our budget, and most people are always worried about them. Solar panels are a cheaper alternative, which is environmentally friendly too. You can use the free light of the sun to generate energy for your home, business or any other building. However, proper placement of solar panels is very important for their efficient working. The more sunlight panels will receive, the more efficiently they will work. If panels are properly installed, they can keep working on cloudy days and low light daily.

Roofs are the best place for solar panels

Our roof is the place that gets maximum sunlight. Usually, roof space is useless and can be easily utilized for solar panels installation. However, when you ask a contractor about solar panel installation, they ask about the condition of your roof. Panels hold weight, and weak roofs cannot carry that. So, the first thing is to repair the roof, or if the damage is great, you need to install the new one. Let’s see why addressing roof-related issues is important before solar panel installation.

What makes the roof the best option for solar panel installation

The most common place for solar panels installation is the roof; there are various reasons. Panels need a lot of sunlight for proper working and efficient power generation. Panels can be directly faced towards the sunlight to catch maximum sunlight. There is no obstacle in between the sun and panels. Panels can be installed on the main roof or any other outbuilding that receives sunlight like a shed, garage, or barn. Experts evaluate the suitable roof for installing solar panels depending on various factors like the Material of roof shingles which can be metallic, tiles or asphalt. Style of roofs like hip or gable also very important. Other factors are the direction of roof slope and the roof’s overall condition.

Suitable roofing shingles

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of roofing shingles. However, asphalt shingles are considered the best choice for solar panel installation. But they should be in good condition, and the roof should be large enough to place panels on it.

Suitable roof design

Solar panels can be installed on all the common roof designs. You can get them installed on any roof, whether it’s your garage, barn or shed. Solar panels experts can install them on any roof, no matter the design of your roof is hip, gable or combination. The design of panels can be changed according to the style of the roof. They can install panels without damaging your skylight, pipe boots and vents.

Suitable roof slope

Maximum sunlight is captured when a solar system is at the same angle as the latitude of its installation location. However, it may not be possible in most cases. 15 – 40-degree roof slope angle can catch sufficient sunlight. After that angle of the panel can be changed for maximum exposure to sunlight. An expert can evaluate if the roof’s slope is suitable for the installation, or you need to make any changes before the solar project.

Suitable roof slope orientation

Orientation of roof slope is also an important factor. In the United States, usually, panels are installed facing south, as this particular direction receives maximum sunlight. However, the direction can be different according to the geographical location of your home.

Is roof prepared for solar panels or not?

Solar panels can be installed in any home. However, it is very important to know the condition of the roof. Inspect your roof first concerning the solar panels. It’s very important for the successful completion of work and the long-lasting use of solar panels.

The size of the roof?

Usually, roof size doesn’t matter, but it is very important to install solar panels. There is a minimum criterion of available area, and your roof must meet this criterion. It is important to understand that you cannot use the complete roof area for panel installation. According to building codes, you need to keep the path to access the ventilator to exhaust smother and heat. Moreover, the roof must comply with the local building codes.

Type of roofing material

The type of roofing material of your house is also important. It should be durable and strong enough to support the solar panels. Usually, these panels can be installed on almost all roofs, but flat roofs which are manufactured with gravel and tar cannot be considered suitable for the installation of solar panels.

Age of roof

The roofing material and size of the roof are important, but the roof’s age is also vital. If you have a roof with asphalt shingles, it must not be more than 10 years old. It should be in good condition before you start installing panels. If your roof is not replaced in the last ten years, it’s better to get it inspected to evaluate the condition. Inspector will give you a report on whether your roof is suitable for panel installation or not. They will also guide you that either you need to repair it or complete replacement is inevitable. It can save you from a lot of trouble. If you install panels on an old roof, you may have to remove them after some time for roof repair. It will waste a lot of your money.

Condition of roof

Inspector will check the roof to know the internal condition. Sometimes the roof appears in great condition from outside, but there are some internal damages. Inspector can check the condition, inspect any leakage and examine the ventilation system. Some roof components like shingles, vents or underlayment may need to be replaced before panel installation.

State of the roof structure

The roof’s overall structure should also be suitable for the installation of panels. It should be able to bear the weight of panels and related equipment. Experts can guide you about changes if any alternation in structure is required before installing panels.

These are some prerequisites which you must consider before solar panel installation. Suppose it saves a lot of your time and money. If your roof is in good condition, you will complete the solar panel installation project successfully.


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