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Roofing Contractor: Ask Few Questions Before Hiring Contractor

Houses need continuous care and repair. If you see stains of water on the ceiling or shingles are breaking, you should take them as silent messages that your roof needs some repair. However, a professional will decide either it’s about roof repairing, or you need a new roof. So, first of all, you need to find a good roofing contractor. There are be different roofing experts working in your area, but find a certified contractor who can guide you best.

How to find a local roofing contractor?

Roofing contractors or companies must have a good reputation and be reliable. You can ask for references from friends, family and colleagues. Try to find professional companies with experienced, skilled men for this job. Moreover, they must have licenses required by local authorities. The company of contractor must have insurance. Choose a financially stable company that offers good customer service. A certified contractor usually has all these qualities. They can install a new roof and repair the existing roof.  They will be aware of building and safety codes and all other roof repair requirements.

How to find a qualified contractor?

Usually, people ask for a reference about roof contractors and contact one or two contractors. Most people use online forums to find a contractor, while others ask family and colleagues. However, both these ways do not guarantee that you will get a certified contractor. So, after getting a recommendation, you need to do your research. For that purpose, when you contact a contractor, you need to ask him a few questions. They will help you to choose the right person for your roofing needs.

Ask about insurance coverage: Insurance coverage is very important for protecting your home. It saves your financial position in case of an accident. Different companies have different insurance; you can ask different contractors before finalizing the deal.

Question about additional warranty: Insurance coverage is different, but roofing contracts also offer some work warranty. Good companies offer fro few years to lifetime warranty of material and workmanship. It is a clear tool to measure the quality of the material they uses and the quality of his work. So, choose the person or company who offers maximum work warranty.

Ask about warranties in detail: Usually, contractors offer many years of warranty, but when the time comes, homeowners have no idea that who is the right person they should contact. So, ask these questions very clearly before hiring him. Ask about the contact of the person you will contact in case of any problem. If there is some repairing work after installing a new roof, either you will pay the cost of labor, or the contractor will be responsible for that too. Asking such questions will give you a clear idea about the professional behavior of the contractor you are selecting.

Inquire about roofing material they will be using

There is a wide range of roof materials these days. They differ in terms of quality and appearance. So, ask about the material your roof contractor will be using. You can search about the quality products yourself. Search the name of the products they will be using and get complete information about them. All contractors say they use the best products, but this is always the case. So, it would help if you searched for yourself to know the truth.

Ask the written estimation: Most contractors give verbal estimation but asking for written estimation is very important. Ask him to describe the description of work in detail in written form. Moreover, they need to mention the jobs they will do under this contract.

Do they comply with local laws and policies? This is very important from a legal point of view. They must have complete information about local building codes and all related laws.
Ask for references: all good contractors keep a list of references. The houses or buildings where they have worked. You can call some of them to ask about the professional attitude and quality of the work.

Inspection is part of a contract or not: before starting the work, the contractor must perform the complete inspection of the roof. It must include attic, deck, flashing and all the other roof components. It will give an idea of the cause of roof damage, and you can avoid them in the future.

Ask about ventilation checking: proper ventilation is also an important feature of the roof. The contract should check the roof from the inside to see if the ventilation system is properly working or not. If the ventilation system is poor, shingles will get damaged, and the manufacturer will not take the warranty. So, ask your contractor about his take on the ventilation system, as it is an important part of the roofing.

Water barrier installation: if you live in an area that receives plenty of rain or snow, you may need additional water barriers. These barriers are installed between singles and wood decks. They prevent any damage to the roof caused due to water or ice. Don’t forget to ask the contractor about these barriers.

Will they install synthetic or felt underlayment: these are the common underlayment types that protect the roof deck. However, synthetic underlayment offers better protection against problems like leakage and mold. So, ask the contractor about the type of underlayment they intend to use.

Can they explain about the working of roofing system? The contractor you are hiring must explain the function of each component of the roofing system and how each of them works. If they can comprehend the work precisely, they know his work.

Manufacturer specification: Ask the contractor if they follow manufacturer specifications or not. If the roofing system is not properly installed, it will not work properly, and you will lose the manufacturer’s warranty. So, the contract must follow the specifications.

These are the few basic questions you can ask your contractor before hiring him. You can interview more than one contractor and ask similar questions. It will help you choose the best available expert for your roofing need.


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