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Roof Maintenance: Different Roofs Have Different Requirements

The roof of a house is all about the safety of the residents and the beauty of the house. But if you think about your house, you will realize that people don’t care much about their roofs. Most of the residents have a misunderstanding that the roof has life time guarantee. There is no need for repair, and it does not require any maintenance. Statistics show that people who regularly repair and maintain roofs, their roofs have longer lives than those who do not bother about roof maintenance. Regular maintenance doubles the life of your roof and ignoring it can reduce it to half.

When we talk about roof maintenance, it is important to go for the roof inspection at least once a year. It is important for home safety, and insurance companies also demand from their clients to keep their roofs well maintained. Changing weather conditions like rain, storms, and extreme heat and cold can cause damage to the roof. If you maintain it properly, your claim will remain strong.

Maintenance requirements are different for different style roofs

The maintenance requirements of roofs are different. Everything matters when we talk about roof maintenance, the roof’s material, environmental conditions, history of roof repair, and age of the roof. Every homeowner should have a clear idea that what are the maintenance requirements of different roofs. It will help you discuss the condition of the roof, and you will know your exact maintenance requirements. Here we are discussing different types of roofs concerning maintenance.

  • Tiled roof: It is considered a simple roof that is very easy to maintain compared to other types of roofs. It is easy to repair and replace if any tile is broken. Tiles can break due to some activities on the roof, and you can easily replace only broken tiles without any further damage. To avoid tile breakage, avoid any unnecessary activity on the roof.
  • Asphalt Shingles: The life of asphalt shingles can be as long as 20 years, but only if they are properly maintained. Strong winds can damage shingles, and mildew also grows on these roofs. So, proper maintenance is required to save them.  Moreover, ventilation is also important for shingle roofs. If heat is trapped inside, it can damage the roof quickly. Therefore, cleaning of asphalt roofs should be done properly, without damaging the shingles.

Moreover, gutters cleaning is also important as pieces of shingles keep collecting there. If shingles are cracked or broken, they can be repaired, and if the extent of damage is more, you can get them replaced as well. But let the expert decide about it. Many people try to repair the shingles, but the result is a messy roof.

  • Flat Roof: Many homeowners prefer flat roofs, as they consider them easy to maintain. Flat roofs also need regular inspection and maintenance. On a flat roof, water can stay longer if it is not properly drained or gutters are blocked. Moreover, leaves can collect and provide a base for the growth of mosses and mildew. So, for the long life of the flat roof, proper cleaning is the key. If debris keeps collecting, it will damage the roof. If your roof is already damaged, let the professionals do the inspection, and they will let you know about the extent of damage and possible repairing options.
  • Metal Roof: When we talk about roof maintenance, metal roofs are considered the best choice. They need very little maintenance. However, these roofs are very expensive, and problems like corrosion and rust are common. Usually, water-resistant paint is coated on these roofs to prevent rust. However, with time the paint can peel off and lead to rusting. Moreover, sometimes we see holes in metal roofs, which need to be repaired. Water leakage is also a problem associated with these roofs. So, like any other type of roof, regular inspection of metal roofs is also important. You may have to replace them if the corrosion has caused damage. Otherwise, fasteners and washers can be replaced to enhance life. But only an expert can tell you about the required maintenance after inspection. You can also sign like peel off paint and holes and contact professionals of Gold Key roofing.

Maintenance of Gutters is also Vital

gutters are associated with almost all types of roofs. They collect the drainage water and play an important role in enhancing the life of your roof. If gutters are not properly cleaned, there will be no water drainage, and standing water can cause serious damage to the roof. Regular and proper cleaning of the gutter is important. You can also use gutter covers to enhance their efficiency. Gutter covers are particularly important if you have a lot of trees around the roof, as leaves are the main culprits who clog roof gutters.

Role of inspection for roof maintenance

Inspection is very vital for the life of your roof. If you regularly do the inspection, you can identify the damaging factor in the beginning. Then, it will require very little time, effort, and money, and your roof will be safe. On the other hand, if you ignore the inspection and wait for the visible signs of the damage, it won’t be easy to manage. As a result, you might have no option but to replace the roof, which is an expensive choice. So, to save your money and time, regular inspection of the roof is vital, and you must hire experts for this purpose.

If your roof was inspected more than a year ago, now it’s time to check. Call gold Key roofing experts and let them help you. It’s not about money only; it’s about the protection of your family and property. We offer the best quality customer service to our clients. Our professionals can inspect your roof with the latest tools and techniques, and they will give you an honest opinion about the maintenance. If you accept our quote, we can start working as soon as you want us.

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