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5 Reasons Why Maintenance Is Important For Commercial Roofs

If you have ever survived a hurricane in the Orlando, FL area, you will understand the importance of maintenance. The competitive difference between surviving a hurricane and closing your doors permanently can be the difference between proper, conscientious maintenance of your entire infrastructure — foundations, interiors, and especially your commercial roof.

All five reasons to consider commercial roof maintenance relate to big bucks.

Saving more money

A business like yours will likely exist for decades rather than only a few months. You can save money by investing modest amounts in yearly commercial roof maintenance. Choosing an experienced, reliable commercial roofer will be a good decision. You and your roofer can develop a plan together that includes the following:

  • Inspections on an annual basis
  • The cleaning process
  • Maintenance regularly
  • Remedial work on the spot
  • Report and recommendations of the inspection

As every industrial roof is unique, the best commercial roofing contractors can tailor their annual maintenance programs to fit your company’s specific needs, budget, and roof succession plan. A roof replacement can be paid for years in the future with the money you save from annual maintenance, thus reducing the amount of borrowing required.

Routine roof maintenance on your low-sloped or flat roof can save you money. Of course, one of the most important steps in this process is finding a reliable commercial roofer who can help you.

Prosperity awaits

With regular maintenance provided by an experienced, dedicated commercial roofing contractor, your roof can last for more than two decades. Most industrial and commercial roofs are rated for about two decades of service.

A small cost for an annual inspection and repair program can be a significant time saver in preparation for roof succession. If your roof is designed to have an extended lifespan, your annual roof maintenance costs should average much lower than those of a competitor.

As a result, not only will you be able to boost your competitive advantage. You will be able to invest more money in research and development or equipment upgrades, and you will also be able to keep costs down, so your business will not be negatively affected by unexpected price changes.

Generally, a lower average cost per operating year is a great reason to subscribe to commercial roof maintenance programs from your local Florida roofer if you want your roof to last a long time.

Maintain the value of that asset

A very small percentage of Florida companies use their buildings up and then sell them for scrap value. Instead, most businesses expect to eventually sell their buildings when they decide to grow or move. Maintaining the value of a building is easier if the roof is in good shape.

When you have a well-maintained, properly inspected roof, you also ensure that the remaining parts of your business are safe and secure. Your building remains intact, dry, and weatherproof, so everything inside it is safe and secure.

  • Inventory
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Raw materials

You should protect your roof with an annual maintenance program to lock in the value of your building and reassure your employees and customers that your working environment is safe and healthy. In addition to the high value that your business has to your employees and customers, you can also recoup a considerable amount of your costs upon resale.

Reduce your bills

Your energy bills will remain in line, predictable, and within your budget when your commercial roof is properly maintained. In place of debris accumulating and degrading your roof, you have highly reflective coatings that radiate heat back into the atmosphere rather than into your building, which keeps your cooling costs down.

It is also important to note that buildings with adequate roof drainage and good insulation dry out quickly after thunderstorms in Florida. Thus, you do not have to worry about heat loss due to water’s cooling effect.

A roof without leaks can also produce high humidity levels, damaged roof decks, mold, and mildew if water enters your building. Your monthly utility bills will reflect the savings you receive from your rooftop maintenance program.


Some building owners or facility managers are reluctant to consider the value of their roof warranty, but savvy commercial building managers realize that roof warranties are extremely valuable. Depending on the manufacturer’s materials, it can compensate for repairs or roof replacement costs.

The warranty may also cover installation and labor errors, so keeping your roof warranty may make sense economically. However, it does have limitations. Your warranty may be voided if you do not provide reasonable maintenance to maintain your roof.

Depending on the manufacturer, what constitutes “reasonable” maintenance is different. Still, you are more likely to claim warranty fulfillment if you demonstrate annual inspections, reports, and ongoing relationships with your local, friendly commercial roofer. In reality, maintaining a roofing warranty does not cost much, but the reward – a fully covered repair or a new roof – can be extremely valuable.

When should you repair your commercial roof?

There are several ways you can identify signals that your roof requires repair, and there are some steps you can take to ensure that your roof does not break down altogether. A simple way to do this is to keep an eye open for signs like water ponding or ice dams that could indicate an issue with your roof.

Performing your own roof inspections is similar to diagnosing medical conditions online. It can be successful if you are lucky and get the correct diagnosis on your first attempt.

However, some subtler symptoms can easily be missed when self-diagnosing medical conditions. It is always recommended to conduct regular inspections of your roof by a qualified commercial roofing contractor to ensure that all aspects of the roof are in good condition.


In the long run, maintaining your commercial roof can save you money. You can avoid costly repairs or replacements if you identify problems early. In addition to ensuring your roof is performing at its best and that it is not wasting energy, regular inspections will also ensure that your roof is performing at its best.

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