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Roofing Cost: Roofing cost and factors affecting it

The roof is the central element of any house. It protects the house against all kinds of dangers that can damage the inner parts of the house and be dangerous for residents. Initially, we repair the roof after storms or any major threatening event. But with time, it gets weak and finally, you need to replace it. Replacement is a big investment and you need to estimate the cost before starting the process. However, price estimation is not as simple as it seems. A lot of factors are involved in roofing costs. In this article, we will help you to determine the roofing cost, and which are the factors you need to consider.

Factors contributing to the cost of a new roof

When we estimate the cost of a roof, there are many factors involved. Some are direct expenses like the material required to build the roof and labor costs to build it. But some indirect expenses are also associated with a roof replacement. You need to calculate every kind of expense for correct estimation. Because, if you will be prepared, you will face fewer problems and you can arrange the required money beforehand.

  • Materials: The first thing which needs to include in the cost is the cost of materials. Different materials are required to build a roof, like shingles, underlayments, vents, nails, etc. These materials are available at different prices, depending on the quality. However, if you buy them from a wholesaler, you can get some discount as well. Experts suggest using good quality roofing material to extend the life of the roof.
  • Labor: Next comes the cost of labor. You hire a construction company and they replace your roof. You pay them for their time and for the experience they have. Usually, labor is charged on an hourly basis. Larger roofs will take more time and for small roofs, labor charges will be less.
  • Roofing layers: Shingles are the protective layer of the roof. Underlayment protects the roof. According to the local weather conditions, you can add other layers as well. For instance, a water-resistant layer protects against leakage and helps against problems like roof rot. However, it will add to the cost of the roof.
  • Size of roof: For larger roofs, more material is required and it will take more time to build it, so the cost will also be high. For smaller roofs, the cost will be less.

These are the major contributors to the cost of a new roof. Calculate all these costs and you can estimate the approximate roof cost.

Cost of new roof

The cost of a roof varies, it can be from $1000 to more than $3000. It is difficult to understand why there is so much variation in the cost. As mentioned earlier different factors play a role in the cost of a roof, but materials are the major contributors. These days, a wide range of materials is used to build roofs. Every material has different merits and demerits, so the price also varies. Let’s see them in a bit more detail.


Metal roofs

Metal roofs are common in areas where the temperature is high and rainfall is less. Wildfire is common in hot areas and metal is fireproof. Moreover, they also look beautiful and give attractive curbside appeal. Metal roofs are suitable for a variety of home styles, so owners prefer them. However, they are very expensive too. The cost of a new metal roof can be around $11,000 or much more.

Slats roofs

Slate is another expensive roofing material but it also holds various advantages. Like metal, a slate roof is also fire-resistant. The life of this roof can be more than 50 years and it’s very sustainable too. Moreover, it’s also compatible with different roof styles. It is heavy compared to other roofs, so you need to hire experts for the proper installation.

Synthetic shingles 

This is a good option for those owners who want a cheap roof, but at the same time, they are not ready to compromise on the beauty of the house. These synthetic shingles are made of polymer, rubbed, or plastic. They appear like slate, wood, or concrete. However, buy from a reliable manufacturer.

Clay tiles

These tiles are very heavy and that increases the installation cost. But they are not expensive like slate and metal. They are also fire resistant and have a long life span.

Asphalt shingles 

When we talk about cheap materials, asphalt shingle is a popular choice. They also suit most housing styles, but their lifespan is very short.

You can choose any of these materials according to your budget. But make sure you hire a professional contractor for installation. Everyone is not skilled at installing new roofs.

Why is it important to hire professional contractors? 

Some people order this installation themselves to save labor costs. It can be suitable for small house jobs like painting a room, but roofing is a professional business. You can cause damage to the roof or waste your materials. You need professionals for the following reasons.

  • Time-saving: Professional. Contractors have years of experience doing this job and they can do the installation quickly. Your spare time may not be enough for roof installation. Roofing experts have all the required tools so they can do it properly too
  • Professionals do it safely: Working on a roof is not a joke, you need to do it carefully. Professional contractors have experience working at height, so they can do the job safely. Risk is always involved but with professionals, it’s very low. They have proper footwear and other protective equipment. They take all precautionary measures.
  • Accurate installation: Different methods are used to install different roofing materials. Homeowners have no idea about these technical details. So, if you want to install your roof perfectly, hire professionals.

These are some important reasons to hire professionals. Get recommendations from friends or family members. Make sure you hire a contractor, who has experience in roofing. Beware of Scams, who take your money and vanish.

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