If the roof is damaged, there are two options:

Either repair it or replace it. Many people go for the cost-effective choice, which is repairing the roof. House repairing and maintenance should be cost-effective, but roofs are different from any other part of your house. The roof is about the house’s structure, and it’s about the protection of the residents. If there is any slight damage, you can go for the repair. But, if a storm has caused damage or gone through repairs many times, a replacement is inevitable. If you are still confused about replacing your old roof, here we are discussing the advantages of a new roof. It can help you to make your decision about repairing and replacing the old roof.

  1. Latest technology: technology has brought changes in different aspects of our lives, and the same is true for housing. The roofing techniques and materials have been changed over the past decades. Now we have better material for tiles and better technology to lay them in the proper place. We can see improvements in roof designs. Technology to manufacture roof tiles has improved, and now they are available in those sizes, which were not seen before. Technology has made the entire roofing process a lot modern and easy.
  2. Energy Efficient: new roofs are energy efficient as compared to old ones. We have asphalt composite material, which keeps the roof cooler. Similarly, we have materials that can reflect the sun rays. When rays do not absorb in the roof, your roof will remain cool. When your home is energy efficient, it reduces your utility bills. Your house will remain cool in summers and hot in winters. So, you can save a good amount of utility bills by investing in a new roof.
  3. Better outlook: The roof plays an important role in the appearance of the house. Many people don’t realize that the impression of the house is all about its roof. If the roof is dirty or damaged, it may not appear damaged from a distance, but it gives an old look to your house. A new roof, which is beautifully painted, gives an attractive look to the house. A beautiful house is a blessing for the residents. They feel more confident and enjoy a better lifestyle.
  4. Warranty from the manufacturer: Warranty is very important, not only for the appliances but also for roofs. It tells you about the duration for which your house is safe, and if it gets damaged for any reason, the manufacturer will repair it without charging extra. Most homeowners do not know about the roof warranty, as roofs are very old. So, have a new roof, and you can get rid of repairing and maintenance costs for the warranty period.
  5. Safety for activities on the roof: A lot of activities are associated with roofs. You have to visit the roof for different maintenance activities and most frequently for cleaning. If the roof is damaged, it can be a potential threat for the workers who work on the roof. A new roof is safe for any activity. You can use a new roof for various activities. Your workers can work on the roof without any danger. It will be safe for maintenance, cleaning and all other services.
  6. Better property value: A new roof can be a great advantage if you sell your house. You can add the status of your roof in the listing highlights. If you have a warranty on the roof, it will be a big plus and can add value to the price of your house. The house’s resale value increases if it has a new roof, and it also decreases for the old roofs. So, if you are planning to sell your house shortly, consider having a new roof; it can add value to your property.
  7. Reduced maintenance cost: It will not need repairing as often as an old roof if you have a new roof. As time passes, weather and other environmental factors damage the roofing material. It would help if you repaired it for the safety and esthetic value of your house. But if you have a new roof, there will be no maintenance cost, and if there is any, it will be very cheap. Many people consider it very costly to replace the roof, but if you calculate the advantages, you will find it cost-effective.
  8. Making renovation easier: If you want to renovate your house, having a new roof can be your first step; after that, you will have many more possibilities. For instance, you can add a new chimney for the heater or stove. You can install skylights, and you can have a roof garden. But all these things are possible with a new roof. You can add different features to the design of the roof, saving your time and money and giving a new look to your home.
  9. No built-up issues: Every season has some factors which can damage the roof. For instance, in the rainy season, moisture can damage the roof silently. Piles of leaves on the roof also cause dampness, and soft spots can develop slowly. In summer, extreme heat can damage roofing material, and snow can play the same role in winter. Insects also create burrows, and ants can make their houses in holes. All these problems are associated with old roofs, and they get severe with time. If you have a new roof, there will be no such issues.
  10. A fresh look: If you have a new roof, you can have a new look on your house. You can change the paint color, and your house will look like the new one. Extensive repairs are costly, time-consuming and short-lived. But if you change the roof, you can get a new look for your home, which everyone will appreciate.

These are just the few advantages of new roof. A house with a new roof is not only safe and beautiful but very healthy to live in.

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