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Roof Replacement: Why Roofing Over the Existing Roof Is Not Recommended?

There are different types of roofs, and every type of roof has a specific life span. You can extend the life of the roof with proper care and maintenance. However, we cannot control the climatic conditions, and you may need to replace the roof if the damage is more than a certain limit. When you go to the market to get a new roof for the home, the most common advice is to do roofing without removing the existing roof. Many house owners get confused; if you are one of those facing this dilemma, we are here to help you. Here we discuss some points that will help you understand when you can install a roof over the existing one and when you have to replace the roof completely.

What is roofing over?

It is called roofing over when you install a new roof without removing old shingles and roof deck. It is like installing a new roof over an old one.

The other available option for roof replacement is to remove all the shingles and inspect the roof deck. Suppose it requires any repair or replacement. Not just the deck but membrane and supporting structures are also repaired. After that, new shingles are installed to complete the roof replacement.

Conditions for roofing over

You cannot install a new roof over an existing one. There are a few important conditions; if your present roof fulfills them, you can go for roofing over.

  • Shingles should be flat, without any dents and curls.
  • The roof deck should be in perfect condition.
  • There should be no leakage in any part of the roof.
  • The roof should not have any ventilation-related problems.
  • The roof structure should be strong enough to bear the weight of the second layer of roofing.

If your roof meets all these conditions, you can go for roofing over. However, there is an important point to consider, if the roof has no apparent issues and there is no leakage, you don’t need roofing over at all. If you are still thinking about roofing over, it will destroy the esthetic value of your home. The new layer of shingles will look uneven and untidy, and it will not give a pleasant effect.

Why Is Roofing Over Not Recommended?

Most roofing experts do not recommend roof over, as it is not a long-term solution for your roof-related problems. The roof over is common for commercial buildings when the deck and insulating material are good. Even for commercial buildings, roof inspectors inspect the roof carefully and properly analyze flat roofs. They assess the deck’s strength and other material to make sure that it is ready to bear more weight.

Roofing over is considered the cost-effective alternative to roof replacement. However, homeowners should do a proper assessment before choosing this option because roofing is usually not the solution to structure-related issues. If you do it without any analysis, it will cost you more.

Why do you need roofing over?

It is very important to understand why you need roofing over. Your roof may have some problems; for instance, roof leakage is the problem and to resolve that, you want to do roofing over.

Installing new shingles over the present ones cannot solve the leakage problem. There can be many reasons for this leakage; it can be broken shingles, damaged membranes, or any problem in a structure. So, if you will lay another layer of shingles, it may not solve the problem. You need to diagnose the problem first; otherwise, roofing over will be nothing but a wastage of money.

Why is roof replacement a better solution?

Experts recommend roof replacement instead of roofing over. The roof replacement cost can be high, but it can solve your roofing problems for many years. The new roof not only looks better, but it also performs better.

You need to contact a roofing contractor for the proper assessment of the roof. If the problem can be resolved with a repair, they will recommend the repair, and your problem will be solved.

Professionals can be part of the roof, whether it is deck membrane, beam or ventilation system. If there is no apparent sign of damage, you can call them for maintenance. Regular maintenance extends the life of your roof.

Moreover, placing new shingles over the old ones will be just a burden on the roof. They will not solve the roof structure and membrane or deck problems. The roof is a very important part of your house, and you should not neglect its safety. The roof should look good, and it must work perfectly well. If there are some problems, you need to solve them on a priority basis. You cannot save money when the roof on the heads of your family is at risk.

Contact professional roofing contractors; you can find them in the local market and online. Reading reviews of their customers will help you choose a good one online. Ask for quotes from more than one contractor. As for the material they work with and any warranty for their work.

The roofing contractor you choose must have a professional license from concerned authorities. they must have experience and expertise to do roof repair and replacement. Moreover, they must agree to provide the warranty of his work. If you live in the same house, ask for the time they will take to complete the work. Please read the reviews of his previous clients to know the standard of his services.

Other than individual contractors, companies are also working in the same niche. They are much more professional and efficient. Companies have a team of workers who provide all kinds of roof-related facilities. These companies are quick to respond and offer good customer care services. Whether you choose an individual contractor or a company, make sure  they are professionals and knows all the latest methods and techniques of roof replacement. A good contractor can give a new life to your home, and an inexperienced one will waste your money.


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