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Metal Roofing: An Environmentally Friendly Option

When we talk about roofs, everyone wants safe and secure roofs. A roof should be strong and long-lasting. It must be able to withstand changing environmental conditions and should look beautiful as well. However, time and technology are changing now. We have to take care of our surroundings too. Increasing concern about the environment is initiating new methods and techniques in every field. Awareness about environmental issues leads to great movements like going green and Eco-friendly products. on the other hand, people are adapting energy-efficient ways, and energy-efficient roofing is a new trend. It enhances the efficiency of the roof and saves your money, which you pay in terms of utility bills. If heating and cooling systems are efficient, you can save a lot more money.

Metals are natural materials; which humans have been using for centuries. From jewelry to making household utensils, we use several metals every day. Metal roofing is a new trend in the roofing industry. Metals have unique qualities which are hard to find in synthetic materials. Metal roofs are considered as an environmentally friendly alternate, which is durable and beautiful too. The trend of metal roofing is increasing worldwide, as people are adopting it as an Eco-friendly option.

Metal roofing can save the environment

For many people, it is difficult to connect roofing as a danger to the environment. Asphalt roofs are the most common type of roof. According to a survey, only in America 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are dumped in landfills. However, shingles are not as durable as our roofs are. We need to replace shingles frequently to save the roof. Shingles are not recycled and sent to landfill sites. It means we are stacking our landfills with these shingles every day. Moreover, Shingles are not energy efficient, which results in the excessive working of heating and cooling systems.

When we recommend metal roofing, we are very clear that most metal roofing is done with recycled metals. So, if you have to replace the roof, once its life is complete, all the metals can be recycled against it, instead of dumping in landfills. So, metal roofs can save a lot of space in landfills.

Metal roofing is energy efficient

We have different weather conditions around the year. In summer, you have to prevent heat from coming inside the house, and in winter, it should be reversed. Metal roofs help our homes in many ways. Metals reflect sun rays and do not allow them to enter the house. As a result, they keep the Ambient heat index low. This reflectivity can reduce the energy-related bills of your home to nearly 40%.

On the other hand, Asphalt shingles absorb sun rays and increase the temperature of the roof. If you have metal roofing with a proper finish, you can reflect nearly 70% of solar radiation in the atmosphere. This ability of metal has made it popular around the world, and now it has the label of “energy star.”

Metal roofing is durable

You can compare any material with the metals, and metals will come up as more durable. The average life of an asphalt shingle roof is usually 15- 20 years. You have to do an inspection and replace the broken shingles every year. Bear the cost of maintenance if you do not want to replace the roof within a few years. On the other hand, the life of a metal roof can be 30 – 5o years.

Metals are strong material; they can resist incident likes fire and strong wind storms. The proper coating can make it water-resistant, and you can enjoy a carefree life in your home.
Enjoy a sustainable lifestyle with metal roofing.

The world is moving towards sustainable living. We have Eco-friendly technologies in our houses. People try to reduce waste generation in every possible way. Metal roofing can be a step towards that. You can take care of the environment without compromising your quality of life or living standards. Metal roofs are efficient compared to old traditional roofs, and they give a beautiful look to your house.

Metal roofs are economical

If we compare the price of metal roofing with asphalt shingle roofing, you will find that metal roofs are much cheaper. This is because metal panels are very economic. Moreover, they are quick and easy to install, it saves your service charges as well. In addition, metal roofing requires very little to no maintenance, so you save maintenance money as well. If you compare the whole picture, you can easily see that metal roofs are economical and long-lasting compared to other types of roofs.

Are there any disadvantages of metal roofing?

Metal roofing is a great package that is durable, affordable, and beautiful. However, there are different myths about metal roofs, and most of them are not true. For instance, people say that lightning strikes metal roofs more frequently, which is a baseless assumption. Lightning can strike shingle roofs as well; it has nothing to do with the metal roof. Moreover, many people say that metal roofs are always leaking. This is also not true. If professionals properly install metal roofs, there is no chance of leakage. Another opinion is metal roofs can get dented during a hail storm. This is also not true, metal roofs are used around the globe, and no such incident is reported anywhere in the world. Finally, many people avoid metal roofing as they think it can rust after some time. Metal sheets are properly coated with suitable paints to avoid rust. So, there is no chance of damage due to exposure to water. You can inspect the roof every year, and proper maintenance will keep it as the new one.

Metal roofing is a win-win situation, as it saves money, saves the environment, and is durable too. So, instead of investing in expensive and short-lived roofs, go for metal roofing, which construction experts consider the best roofing choice. Save your environment and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with your family.


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