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Advantages of Working with Gold Key Roofing

The roof is an essential component of every building. If it gets damaged, you need to repair or replace it immediately, as it’s about the safety of the residents and the building itself. The damage can be part of the aging process of building, or a natural disaster can cause it, but repairing is inevitable. Usually, people feel very stressed when they have to do maintenance of the roof. However, if you hire a professional company, things will be very smooth. On the other hand, when so many companies are working in the same niche, it isn’t easy to decide about the best available choice. Gold Key Roofing offers the best roofing services to the people of Central Florida.

We have experts for all roofing needs.

Unlike other companies, we are not restricted to commercial buildings or residential homes. We have professionals who can handle roofing problems for small homes to multistory buildings. We do a complete inspection before starting the work. We give an honest opinion to the owners about repairing or replacing the roof. You can ask any questions, and our professionals will answer all your questions.


Our services are not limited to roof repair and replacement only. Roofs have various components; shingles and underlayment are not the only components that need repair and replacement. Leaking gutters can also be a damaging factor for the roofs. Gold Key Roofing does the inspection, and if you need to install gutters, we can do that too. We can build any gutter, including aluminum gutters. They are durable and perform well even in rainy seasons. No matter how expensive your roof gutters are, dust, leaves, and debris collect in them. It would help if you cleaned them properly and regularly. However, some owners do not give importance to their cleaning. This negligence results in damage to the roof. To avoid this problem, we can help you to install gutter covers. It will prevent the clogging of gutters, and ultimately there will be no damage to roofs.

Sky Light

If you are replacing your roof, consider skylights as well. When working in progress in your house, you can add glass panes, or even fiberglass is a good option. We provide all the roof services, including plumbing, repairing, replacement, and any electrical work. We make sure your roof is finished in every way. If skylights are already installed, we can replace them with the latest ones.


Proper cooling and heating are all about proper insulation. If the attic’s insulation is damaged, the heating and cooling system must overwork, resulting in high utility bills. When our experts inspect your roof, you can ask about the insulation of the attic as well. Getting it done during roof repair or replacement is a good idea.


No matter where you live, proper ventilation is important for the health of residents. Our experts can suggest you best suitable ventilation according to your house. Then, you can discuss your questions and choose the best option.

Reliable and professional services

When you need any roofing service, you need a reliable company. Every house has different needs. The company you are hiring must understand your requirements and must have the ability to provide you with the required services within your budget. Gold Key Roofing is a reputed company that has vast experience of working with residential and commercial roofing projects. We always offer the best services to our clients; every project is special for us.

A team of proficient experts

When it comes to roofing, everyone wants an accurate estimation. We offer consultation online, and you can fix an in-person meeting as well. We can discuss the condition of your roof, you can get an estimation, and we can do the work according to your convenience. If you are brought a house, contact us before moving in, we can provide you with an expert opinion about any roof maintenance.
Gold Key Roofing has a great reputation among clients, as we have professional staff which offers friendly services in Central Florida. We strictly follow the schedule and discuss every aspect of the work. We can also help with all the insurance-related things.

Affordable price

You cannot hire any random company for roof replacement. If you want a professional company for this sensitive job, you should not choose the cheapest available option. You can ask different companies for the quote. It will give a clear picture for you. You will know the approximate cost of your project, and it will be easier for you to choose the best available choice. Gold key roofing is the best price according to the nature of your project. You will get the best service for the money you will be spending.

How do we work?

We value your time and money. When you accept our estimate, we will fix a date to start work according to your convenience. Our professionals will start working according to the schedule. Instead of any delays, we believe in finishing the task even before time. Our team keeps up updated about the progress of the work. We believe in proper communication with homeowners. We try not to exceed the budget. You will get the work according to the promised services.

Why Gold Key Roofing for all your roofing needs?

Gold Key Roofing has been providing roofing services in Orlando since 1975. We have many satisfied clients in the area who call us for all their roofing needs. We do roof repair, roof replacement, and all related jobs, including attic insulation. Our well-trained staff will inspect your roof and offer the best solution for your problem. No matter, you need repairing or replacement, we offer the best services in either case. Instead of using cheap material, we offer quality services with the best quality materials. As a result, our customers trust us for reliable, affordable, and quick roofing services. We have professional staff, which is well aware of latest roof repairing and replacement techniques.


About Gold Key Roofing

Our highly trained, certified roofing professionals inspect, test, evaluate and calculate all the necessary data from your project to provide your home with the ultimate protection – providing you with time-tested peace of mind.

In an industry where many roofers are in business today and out-of-business tomorrow, it is unusual to find a company like Gold Key Roofing with our experience and proven record of quality and reliability since 1975.
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