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Metal Roofing: Are Metal Roofs Suitable for Florida?

Florida is one of the most popular states in the United States. It is known for its long beaches and theme parks. Florida offers a lot of business and job opportunities to the people; that is why its population is growing every passing day. According to reports, nearly 900 people move to Florida every day. There are 42 metro areas under construction in the country, and seven of them are only in Florida. In 2022, the state’s population will reach 22 million, and this figure will rise to 26 million by 2030.

If you plan to move to Florida or have recently arrived here, the first thing you need is a home to stay in. You can buy a home for your family, and you have the option to construct it as well. However, the important thing is to select the right kind of home and be concerned about the roof.

If you move around in Florida, you will find different types of roofs; everyone has preferences. However, you will notice that metal roofing is very common, particularly near coastal areas. There are many reasons for it; here, we mention a few.

Resistance against bad weather

Metal roofs are better than shingle roofs if we compare them in bad weather conditions. Metal roofs can withstand extreme windy weather, and they are also resistant to hail storms. Fire resistance is another feature of these roofs, making them popular worldwide. If a metal roof is properly installed, they protect during a hurricane and tropical storm. The strength of metal roofs makes them a favorite of insurance companies, and they offer a discount for the units that have metal roofs.

Metal roofs are suitable for solar panels

Florida is often referred to as the sunshine state as well. Solar energy is a cheap and clean energy source, so many people prefer to install solar panels. Metal roofs are considered the best choice for solar panels installations. They provide enough space required for the installation of panels. Metal roofs are long-lasting like solar panels. The standard lifespan of solar panels is around 20-25 years, and metal roofs can last as long as 50 years.

Metal roofs can save energy.

Florida is a sunshine state, and that makes it very hot. The residents have to spend a lot of budgets to keep their houses cool. Metal roofs are efficient in terms of energy consumption. A cooling pigment is applied to the metal roofs, making them very effective, reducing heat absorption. A shingle roof does not have this feature. ASV or above sheathing ventilation system is also used in combination with pigmentation, which helps the heat energy escape and keeps your home cool. Residents of Florida are saving their utility bills by installing metal roofs.

Metal roofs are aesthetically pleasing.

You can enhance the curb appeal of your home by installing metal roofs. They are available in a great variety of designs and colors. Metal roofs are no more limited to conventional metal panels, but they are available in different styles and can easily match the beauty of tiles and shingle roofs. You can find metal roofs that look like clay tiles. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and easily match them with the exterior of your home.

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of having metal roofs is that they are safe for the environment. A major portion of metal roofs can be recycled, which helps to reduce landfills, unlike asphalt shingles which have landfills as their last destination. Nowadays, landfills are loaded with shingles, and the rate of recycling them is very low. That is the reason most landfills charge fees for discarding shingles.

Metal roofs have a long life.

When we compare the life of different roofing materials, we can easily notice that metal roofs are more durable. They can function perfectly well for nearly 50 years. Shingles, tiles, or any other material do not last that long.

Low life cycle cost

When homeowners calculate the cost of a roof, it should not be the buying price of the roof, but the total roof life cycle should be included in it. When calculating the life cycle cost, we have to add the total life of the roof, tear off, maintenance cost, and replacement cost. If you compare the life cycle cost of the metal roof with the shingle roof, you will realize that metal roofs are much cheaper than other materials.

Preserve the structural integrity of your home

Every roof has a weight that ultimately comes to the home’s structure. If you have a heavy roof, there are chances that it will cause structural issues in your home after a few years. Metal roofs preserve the structural integrity of your house, as they are light in weight compared to other roofing materials.

Metal roofs are easy to install

Roof installation is a time taking job, and sometimes it may take days. However, installing metal roofs is very easy, and it can be done very quickly. Metal panels are available in different lengths, which are very easy to handle, and expert contractors can quickly install them.

Metal roofs are moss-proof.

The growth of fungus and moss is a big destructive factor for shingle and wooden roofs. It reduces their life span and causes many health issues for the residents. Metal roofs are moss-proof and do not support the growth of fungus. These features make them durable and play a vital role in the health of residents as well.

These are a few advantages of having a metal roof. If you have recently moved to Florida or are already a resident and want to replace your home’s roof, metal roofing is the best choice. They are long-lasting, durable, and easy to install. You can also play your role in the environment’s safety by using this sustainable roofing option. You may find them a bit expensive, but if you compare their durability with price, you will find them very cost-effective.


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