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Hurricane Season: Tips to Protect Your Roof System from Damage

Every part of the world is different from the other in multiple ways. It’s not just the geography, culture, and language; seasons also vary worldwide. If you live in Florida, you must know that hurricane season is the worst in this part of the world. June to November is considered the hurricane season here, and August and September are the months when maximum hurricanes hit the state. Meteorologists try to predict the nature and extent of the hurricane but usually, it’s unpredictable even for them.

Hurricanes cause a lot of damage to properties, particularly roofs. The experts at Colorado State University have predicted an above-average hurricane season for the current year, 2o22. They have predicted more than 18 storms, and more than nine can be hurricanes. To deal with the unpredictability of weather, the best thing is to prepare yourself. Owners of commercial and residential properties must be ready to take precautionary measures. It’s important for the protection of property and the residents of the property.

Roofs face the most damage in case of a hurricane or storm. If you take the necessary steps, you can avoid roof leaks and other storm damage. Here we are discussing some tips to help you secure your commercial roofs from a hurricane.

Tips for hurricane season

  • The first thing you need to do is to have a preventive maintenance plan. You must have a maintenance plan before every hurricane season. Most roofing systems fail due to poor maintenance. Poor installation of the roof system is another reason for the failure. So, you must be very careful when installing and preparing before the hurricane season.
  • The next tip is to do proper repairs. Carefully fix the problems related to the drainage system, membrane, flashing, and sealants. Usually, water seeps through these areas and causes damage to the roof.
  • Cleaning is also very important when it comes to hurricane season preparation. Clean all the gutters and drains. Usually, debris and tree leaves are accumulated there and restrict water movement.
  • We have HVAC equipment installed on rooftops. During a hurricane, this equipment gets loose and damages the roof surface. In many cases, very big holes are also observed. You can use hurricane straps to secure this equipment and reduce damage to the roof.
  • If you have trees around the house, don’t forget to trim them before the hurricane. Trees should be at least 3 feet away from the building. In strong winds, they will not rub through the building, and broken twigs will not damage the house.
  • Cover skylights with a wooden cage, or you can also use metallic ones to protect them from flying debris.
  • All the access points to the roof should be properly closed. Double check the roof hatch, particularly.
  • Check your roof insurance policy and make sure you have renewed it in time. If not, get your policy renewal and make sure you understand what kind of coverage it provides.
  • Make a list of your emergency numbers. It must include the contact number of the roofer, insurance company, and water restoration company. In the case of the commercial building, you must share the list with your team members.
  • Stock your gasoline and make sure your generator is working perfectly. But remember, you will not operate your generator indoors, in any case.

Things to do after a storm

If you are well reared, you can reduce the damage. However, depending on the storm’s intensity, there can be damage, even if you were well reared. There are some things which you must do after the storm.

  • Check your roof for leaks. Streaks on the wall can help you to find it easily.
  • Document the damages you see. Take photos and make a video as proof; your insurance company will ask for that.
  • Contact your insurance company to claim; the process can be long.
  • Call your roofing contractor and repair the roof. However, make sure you use the material approved by the roof system manufacturer. It will protect the roof warranty.
  • If the commercial roof is damaged by more than 25%, according to the laws of Florida, you need to replace the entire roofing system. However, for residential buildings, laws are different.

How to choose the right roofing company?

As mentioned earlier, you need to make a list of emergency contacts in case of storm damage, and a roofing company should be part of this list. However, it is not easy to find a good roofing company. Many people have no idea how they should find a good company to rely on for their roofing problems. Following are the few features which a good company must have.

  • Large team: the company you are contacting must have a large team. In case of a hurricane in the area, many people will need their service, and if they have a small team, it will be difficult to reach you quickly.
  • Multiple connectivity: The company you choose must be accessible through call, messenger, and email. If one way to connect is unavailable, the other must be accessible.
  • Technical experts: The company you hire should have the technical expertise to fix the problem according to its nature.
  • Latest equipment: Technology is fast changing, and they must have the latest equipment to fix the roofing issues. Old methods and equipment do not work with advanced roofing material.
  • Affordability: You have to pay well if you want good services; however, the services should be affordable. Check the price for different services and ensure if they have hidden charges too. Sometimes companies ask for taxes, transportation charges, and other fees that they don’t mention initially. So hire a company which you can afford.

These are a few tips for hurricane preparation and selecting the right roofing company. Taking care of your roof is very important for the long life of the roof. Regular maintenance will keep it strong for a longtime.

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