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Roof Repair: When You Need Immediate Roof Repair?

The roof is a very important part of any building. It is about the protection of the house and beauty as well. If there is a problem with the roof, you need to repair it. It will not get better on its own, and if you do not take care of it, the problem will worsen with every passing day. When a roof is damaged due to water, you need to repair it even faster. Any roof-related problem can cause serious damage to the house. To avoid extended damage, emergency roof repair is inevitable. However, it is very important to understand that all roofing problems do not need immediate repair, but on the other hand, some problems require instant attention. So, let’s try to know those issues which need immediate attention and must be addressed quickly.

When your roof needs immediate repair?

Roofs undergo various problems, and we usually notice them too. However, if you notice one of the following problems, it means you need to contact the roof repair contractor immediately.

  • Water leakage from the roof
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Lifted flashing around pipe boots, chimneys or wall junctions
  • Accidental damages

If you ignore these problems, they can pose a serious threat. An immediate repair can save your money when you need to spend on roof replacement. Let us know why we should take these problems as potential threats and why immediate roof repair is mandatory in these conditions.

Water Leakage from the roof

When we talk about the roof-related problem, water comes at number one. Water can damage any structure very silently. Water leakage starts with a single drop and gets worse with time. If you notice water leakage at a very small portion of the roof, it can be a warning sign. Water can cause damage to the roof, and it may not be restricted to that only. Water can seep into other components of the roof, like walls. It can also destroy insulation and ultimately can destroy the roof’s structure. You may not notice the damage until it surfaces as a serious problem in a few cases. Water can damage the wooden parts as well. So matter what type of roof you have to need to be very careful about water damage. So, if you see a sign of roof leakage, you must call the contractor. A proper inspection will determine the extent of the damage. Repairing water damage in an emergency can save your home from a very big problem.

Damaged or missing shingles

Shingles are considered the most fragile part of the roof. They are the first line of defense for the protection of the roof. Rain, snow, storms and other external factors reduce their strength and they g damage with time. It is a common practice that people do not give much importance to broken or missing shingles; you can observe broken shingles on every other roof in your neighborhood. When shingles get damaged or broken, they make your roof prone to all kinds of damages. Water can easily penetrate the inner layers of the roof. It will increase the chances of the growth of mold and mildew, and even birds can choose the same place for their nests. We have discussed earlier that water is a serious damaging factor for any structure, and mold growth can threaten your family’s health. So, immediate repair and replacement of broken and missing shingles are also important. Ignoring this little problem can be damaging for your house.

Lifted roof flashing

Many homeowners have no idea about roof flashing. Flashing is a very thin sheet used to protect some sensitive areas of the roof. It is used for the safety of skylights, chimneys and vents to save water. It keeps water away and increases the life span of the roof. Flashing is usually made with steel, but other metallic materials can also make it. As it acts as insulation to protect different roof areas, it should remain fixed at its place. If it gets rusted with time or, for some reason, leaves its place, it asks for immediate fixation. Lifted roof flashing can cause damage to all the components it protects, and you may have to spend a good amount of money on repairing them. Repairing flashing only is a cost-effective idea.

Accidental damages

Other than slow posing threats, there are some situations when you need emergency roof repair. Exceptionally heavy rain or snowstorms can cause serious damage to the roof structure that needs immediate repair. Similarly, falling trees on the roof also demand immediate repair. Strong winds can be a cause of tree falling. So, try to keep the length of your tree within a certain limit to avoid this type of damage.

This is a list of some serious problems, which you must address immediately. Contact a trusted roof contractor and discuss the problem with him. He can solve the problem by saving a lot of your money.


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