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Insurance Restoration Roofing: Some Common Scams

Hurricanes and storms are common in coastal regions of Florida. Frequent hurricanes in summers can be damaging for roofs. Common roof damages include broken and missing shingles, water damage, wind uplift, and cracks. Roof experts can help you to solve all these and other related problems.

An insurance restoration roofer can help you file an insurance claim and get your home back to normal.

Insurance restoration roofing

Repairing the roof after a storm or any other event that insurance covers is termed insurance restoration roofing. The homeowner’s insurance company pays for the damage restoration, and it saves a lot of money for the homeowner.

You can find different companies and schemes to help you with roof restoration. Here we are discussing some of them, which you may find helpful.

Storm chasers: This is a common scam, and many people know about it. When a storm hits an area, a company or individual visits the area. They go door to door and convince homeowners that the storm was very strong and must have a roof inspection. After inspection, they recommend instant roof replacement. They try to create panic and convince homeowners for roof replacement immediately. If homeowners agree to them, they do roof replacement very quickly and vanish very quickly. Usually, they don’t complete the work, and if they do, the quality of the material is very low, and the roof is very badly installed. All they do is take your money and leave the area as soon as possible. So, hire reliable companies for roof repair if you feel that you need a roof replacement. If these chasers appear at your door, you can ask for the license or insurance proof.

Bait and Switch scam: Some companies in the market offer a free roof inspection. Their report suggests some serious problems, which need to be fixed immediately. Usually, these companies ask for more money than the common market rate. Many legit companies offer free inspection and estimation. But they don’t insist on hiring them, and they also charge according to standard market rates. So, take a second opinion before hiring any company for immediate repair.

Substandard repairing: You hire a company for roofing repair, and the company completes the job within the given time. After a few days, you have a rainy day, observing leakage at different places. You get surprised as you repaired the roof just last week. But the repairing work was very low in quality, and it was nothing but a scam. So, you need to hire a roofing company very carefully. Ask for a referral from friends and family or read the reviews to know the quality of work.

Unexpected down payment: Many roofing companies collaborate with financing agencies to solve your financial problems associated with roofing. If a company asks for a down payment before starting working or before inspection, you need to be careful. The standard rate of a down payment is not more than 20% of the total cost. It can be a trap if a company quotes low for this repair but asks for a high down payment. In most cases, companies take the down payment and never show up again.

Roofer scams: Some roofers suggest that they will provide your roof at a very low price, and they will file your case in such a way that the insurance company will bear all the cost. It is insurance fraud and completely illegal activity. Roofer prefers two different invoices, a lower one for you and a higher one for your insurance company. They get money from both parties and do a very low-quality job.

Insurance scam: Some contractors ask the homeowners to sign an agreement. They call it AOB or agreement of benefit. When you sign this agreement, any third party or contractor can take decisions on your behalf. They can fill out insurance claims, do repairs, and receive money for the repair from the insurance company. Once you sign this agreement, you lose your authority to take any decision.

You can be beneficial in certain situations. For instance, you are away from home, and the roofer can do all the repairs in your absence. However, the contractor should be trustworthy in this case. If you haven’t worked before with this contractor, don’t sign an agreement with him.

Obligatory inspection: If a contractor says that you must have a roof inspection, it is a compulsion by law; he can be a scam. If you haven’t inspected your roof for a year, you need to find a reliable roof inspector. Professionals can check the roof and write a report for you.

Unexpected low estimates: It is another common scam that roofers give very low estimates. Many homeowners feel very lucky to have found such a low quote. However, once you close the deal, you realize that they have some clauses in the agreement which they can use to get more money. For instance, they may have mentioned words like “unforeseen circumstances” and mention that ow prices have suddenly increased, so you have to pay more, or there can be another story like this.

These are just a few common types of roofing scams. They can be in many forms, and they can happen to anyone. However, these scams are common in largely populated cities, as it is easier for scammers to disappear in large cities. Moreover, elderly people and those who live alone are also easy targets for these scammers.

How to avoid these scams?

You can avoid these scams by following just a few simple tips. Firstly, ask for roofing license and insurance details. Secondly, don’t make a hasty decision. Take your time, get information from the market and get more than a few quotes before hiring someone. Moreover, read the documents carefully and clear any ambiguous terms. Last but not the least, consult your insurance agent first before you close the deal.

You can easily avoid these scams if you think before hiring a roofing contractor and choose only a reliable and reputable company.

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