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Roofing Problems: 10 Common Roofing Issues

If you have a home, you need to maintain it properly. But the most important part of your home, which needs special attention, is the roof. Usually, people don’t care much about the roof, as it is out of sight. Moreover, many people think that if there is any problem with the roof, they will easily spot it. But in most cases, there are problems with the roof, and they are not visible. On the other hand, there can be problems, but homeowners don’t take them seriously.

It is very important to understand that other home-related issues are easy to spot, but you need skills and training to find them before they become really serious when it comes to the roof. However, it’s better to catch the problem as early as possible. It will save you time and money. If you can find a problem at an early stage, you will be able to save the roof from greater damage.

Here we are discussing common roof-related problems, which you should take seriously.

Irregular maintenance: regular maintenance of a roof is very important to extend its life. Professionals recommend roof inspection once a year. Inspection after a damaging storm is also vital. Everyday weather and other activities reduce the life of your roof, but if you maintain it well, it can serve you many more years. If the roof is not properly maintained, you can see mildew, holes and sagging spots.

Ventilation: Ventilation is a very important part of any roof. Proper ventilation of the roof and attic is done using intake vents and exhaust vents. These devices are placed on the top of the roof or near the base of the roof. Fans and exhaust circulate the warm and moist air outside and attract fresh and dry air inside the house. Maintaining the air level and temperature balance in the attic and the home is important. If the home’s ventilation is not proper, heat and moisture will keep the building in the attic and house and cause damage to shingles, insulation of roof and structure of the roof. Moreover, you will observe a rise in the cost of utility bills. The growth of mold and mildew in different parts of the home is also associated with this problem.

Inadequate repairs: It is another common problem with the roof. A homeowner finds a problem and hires a contractor to fix that. But the contractor was not experienced enough or skilled enough to repair properly, and these inadequate repairs are just a waste of money. You need to hire a skilled person, who has a good reputation. Contractors try to reduce the cost of repair by using low-standard material and increasing their profit margin. Homeowners pay them for completing the job, but they don’t do it properly.

Storm damage: This is unpredictable because storms are not predicted in any area. There are different types of storms: a hail storm, rainstorm, or wind storm. The result of the storm can be damage to structures like shingles and vents. You can also see the accumulation of debris after a storm. So, a roof inspection is a must after any such weather-related event. If you do not do the inspection quickly, you will not claim the insurance later. Reluctantly, you have to pay for all this sudden damage from your pocket.

Leakage: There are different roofs, but leakage is the common attribute. Leakage in the roof is one of the serious problems associated with roofs. You have to fix the leakage as soon as possible. If you delay the leakage repairs, it can destroy your roof, and you may end up replacing the complete roof. So, be conscious of the leakage and fix it as soon as you find a leakage mark on the walls.

Moisture: Water leakage is one problem, and moisture retention in your home is another. Leakage can be a cause of raised moisture levels in your house. Improper ventilation can be another reason for moisture retention. If you do not take care of it in time, high moisture levels can be a reason for mold and mildew growth. It can cause irreversible damage to the structure of the roof.

Improper roof installation: It is a basic problem resulting from hiring an unskilled contractor. When a homeowner wants to save money, they usually make these mistakes. They hire unskilled contractors who have no experience in roof installation. When they finish work, everything looks fine, but after some time, the homeowner experience problems which has no solution but the roof replacement. That is why hiring a reliable and skilled roof contractor is always recommended.

Trees: If trees are very close to the home or their branches are hanging on the roof, they can cause different types of damage. The branches constantly rub with the shingles, causing damage to them. They can also fall on the roof, creating dents and compiling a heap of debris. To avoid these problems, branches near to home should be regularly trimmed. If the tree is too close to the house and can damage the roof, it’s better to remove it.

Poorly installed flashing: Flashing is the seal around vent pipes, skylights and other penetrated roof areas. It is a very sensitive point for the protection of your roof. If the flashing is installed poorly, it will cause water leakage, and it can reduce the overall strength of the roof. Flashing installation is also associated with a skilled roof contractor.

Rodents and insects: Accumulation of debris can provide a home to insects and rodents. They can also cause damage to the roof, and it is recommended to get rid of them as soon as you see them. The best way is to finish the base, which they use as a home. If they have no place to hide, they will leave the place automatically.

These are the common roof-related problems, which you can easily avoid by hiring a roofing professional contractor to install the roof. They can help you with proper maintenance and timely repair whenever needed.


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