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Preventive Maintenance: Maintain your Commercial roof

Owners are conscious of the maintenance of the residential roofs, but it is important to understand that preventive maintenance is necessary for commercial roofs. Preventive maintenance is important for every roof. It can help you capture problems at initial levels and save your money and time. Moreover, it also extends the roof’s life; you will be able to avoid roof replacement, which is very expensive.

What is preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is about the regular checkup of the roof. It ensures that the roof’s basic structure and all related components are in good condition. A professional inspector will properly inspect the roof, which a common person cannot do. Experts can spot the hidden signs of damage or any other problem.

What should be the frequency of preventive maintenance?

There is no hard and fast rule about the frequency of preventive maintenance. However, experts recommend that you inspect your roof twice a year. Other than that, you must inspect the roof after a storm or hurricane to see any damage. Moreover, you should regularly plan roof cleaning to keep it protected.

What are the components of preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is not about a single factor; it has different components. It includes the following factors:

  • Roof inspection
  • Debris removal
  • Repairs
  • Documentation

Roof inspection

A roof inspection is about complete checking in every possible way. A roof inspection is not simple; an inspector will check it thoroughly.

Inspection of the exterior: The first step of a roof inspection is checking the roof from the exterior. It focuses on the point where the roofline meets the walls. Inspectors visually examine the weak areas of the roof, which are more prone to leakage or damage. The exterior inspection also includes checking visible signs like insulation damage, ridging, or displacement of metal flashings. Salt deposits and visible cracks are also common signs of exterior damage.

Inspection of Interior: Roof inspection is not complete without interior examination. Inspectors can easily identify signs of damage in the Interior. It may include stains on ceilings, leakage marks on walls, and damage to the paint near the roof. These things reflect that your roof needs repair. Inspectors also check the deck for any deformation and any changes in the roof assembly. The Interior of the roof also reflects the operating condition of the roof. Any damage will result in improper ventilation, leading to various other problems.

Rooftop inspection: The last step of inspection is the examination of the rooftop. If the rooftop is in good condition, the seals will be in good condition, and there should be proper paths for workers. It must not have any place for standing water, and there should be no heaps of debris. If the drainage is blocked and debris is collected on the roof, you will see mold growth, which will be a visible sign of many other problems. Another component of rooftop inspection is the seams of the membrane and flashings, which should be intact. There should be no place for the penetration of water. The assembly should also be in good condition. You can use the data file to see the type of membrane and other assembly components. If any such information is not available, request the inspector to document that for you; it will be useful in the future.

The inspection frequency should be twice a year, but if you inspect the roof frequently, it will be better. Commercial roofs are usually large, so they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Experts recommend frequent inspections for commercial roofs as compared to residential ones.

Debris removal

When we talk about preventive maintenance of roofs, we cannot ignore roof cleaning. Debris on roofs can cause various problems. So debris removal and general cleaning must be a part of maintenance activity. A worker can remove leaves, dirt, and birds’ features. They can also clean gutters for proper drainage of water. If you clean rood regularly, it will be easy and less time-consuming. However, if you have not cleaned the roof for a year, you can hire a cleaning company to clean the roof thoroughly.


When the inspection is completed, the inspector will tell you about the roof’s overall condition. It will give you an idea, if any repair is required in present condition or not. There may be some areas that require your immediate attention. If you ignore repair, the problem will get worse, and it will become very expensive whenever you decide about the repair. A damaged roof can cause damage to the Interior as well. Water leakage can leave marks on walls, which give an ugly look.

You have to keep in mind that repair can increase the maintenance cost of the roof. Some repairs can be done quickly, while others take more time and demand more money. Hire a roof inspector wisely to guide you about the repairing needs accurately. You can discuss your budget with them, and they can help you find some cost-effective solutions.

However, make sure you don’t cut the cost if there is some serious matter. The roof is about the safety of your property and people inside the building, so don’t compromise on roof maintenance in any case.


Documentation is another important component of preventive maintenance. It would help if you asked the roof inspector to document the complete condition of the roof. Documentation of the problems will help you know the extent of the damage. They can add photographs of problematic areas. If any repairing work has been done, that documentation is also important. These documents can help you in the future whenever you need to inspect the roof again. Moreover, your insurance company will also be satisfied that your roof is in good condition.

Preventive maintenance and timely repair will ensure the good performance of the roofing assembly. However, make sure you hire a professional inspector and repairing team for the proper care of your commercial roof. The roof is a very important part of every building, proper maintenance can enhance its life span.


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