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Roof Leakage: Don’t Allow Your Roof Leaks to Create a Big Problem

If you have leaks in the roof, you try to fix the problem. However, in most cases, the source of the leakage is not easy to find. Some visible signs indicate a leaking roof, for instance, mold growth, stains on walls and roofs, and water puddles. But the source of these problems is usually not in clear sight. In this article, we are trying to help you, if you are facing the same dilemma. These things will help you to find the source of the problem and you will be able to fix it, quickly.

Find the source of roof leakage

Most people wait for the next rain to find the source of the leakage. But actually, this should not be the approach. Instead of waiting for the rain, you can easily find the source by following a few steps. However, keep in mind that the source can be far away from the stain, which you are seeing inside the room.

  1. Start at the stain: The point where water leaks leave a stain on the wall, roof, or floor. So, you need to start your search for stains, if the drywall is wet, you have to remove it. Inspect inside the wall and give attention to the point where the wall and ceiling meet. If water is dripping from there, you can see watermarks and track it back further. The insulation used behind drywall can absorb water. So, it’s necessary to check that properly.
  2. Inspect your attic: Next thing you need to check is your attic. In the attic you will see rafters, check each of them and see if there is any moisture. Pay attention to corners and edges, where two planes meet. Inspect the attic floor and ceiling for any water stains or moisture. A strong flashlight will help to see stains, mold, and other signs of leakage. Keep in mind, the leakage might not be from the roof. Sometimes condensation on metal also leaves stains. So, keep all these factors in mind, while finding the source of leakage.
  3. Check your roof: After inspecting your room and attic, you have located a general source area for leakage. Now, it’s time to check the roof. Make sure to take all precautionary measures. For instance, use a ladder to avoid falls. Roof falls can be dangerous. Check the roof for any damage, particularly the area which you have generalized after the indoor inspection. You can see some visible signs on the roof too. Usually, damaged flashings, broken shingles, and improper installation of the roof cause roof leakage. If any of these indicators are there, it can be the source.
  4. Recreate rain: If you fail to find any source of water leakage, after all this. You need to recreate rainfall. You can spray water on the roof by using any water source, even a garden nozzle. You all need a helper with this task. To make it easy to detect, you can divide the roof into sections and soak it in water. Water for a few minutes in an area and make sure the roof is soaked as if it had rained. Now, check the inside of a room. You might listen to some dripping water or a puddle that was not there before this activity. Even moisture in an area will be enough to spot leakage.
  5. Uncover roof sheathing: If you cannot find leakage even after soaking the roof. Next thing is to inspect the roof sheathing. You need to remove the shingles for that. You can easily see moisture on plywood and easily locate the source of leakage. Once you find the source, mark the point or area. If you do not mark it, it will be difficult to locate it later for repair.

Repair leakage immediately

When you find the source of leakage, you need to repair it immediately. It can be a tiny hole in a sheath or a damaged shingle or the extent of damage can be wide, depending on the situation. If your roof is new, the chances are, the problem will be small. However, if it’s an old roof the extent of damage can be large. Depending on the nature of the damage, you have to decide whether you can repair it yourself or need an expert for the job.

Minor problems are easy to fix, but it’s always better to ask for the assistance of experts. Particularly, if your roof is steep and you find it difficult to work there. Similarly, don’t try to fix the problem if it’s an old roof. It might seem like a tiny hole outside but damage can be big, inside. Moreover, expert contractors have the proper tools to repair the damage. They will repair it according to the nature of the damage and the type of material. They will repair the damage in a short time, while you may take a long time to do the same thing. Experts have the proper tools and expertise to do a particular job and they will make it more durable.

Hire a reliable professional for repairing

You can find many roofing contractors online and in the local market. However, you need to find an expert. Everyone offering services might not be an expert. The person or company you are hiring must have experience in roof repair. They have the proper tools and expertise to do the task. Moreover, they must be available at your given time. Some companies are so busy that they don’t do work according to their committed time. Another important thing is the budget. Some companies promise good work, but their charges are very high. So, you need to find a contractor which offers reliable services within your budget. Don’t choose the cheapest option. People who offer incredibly low charges usually offer low-quality service too.

It’s not about the roof of the house, but also about the safety of your family. So, choose a roof contractor very carefully. Get all details in advance and book an appointment according to your schedule. A little leakage can ruin your house, so save your house, money, and time by hiring professional roof contractors, as soon as you see any sign of leakage.

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