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Roofing Inspections: Why are Roof Inspections Significant in Central Florida?

The roof is an important part of every building, and it is the part that undergoes wear and tears more than other components of a building. They are large and open to face all the climatic conditions. So, the proper care or roofs is very important. Regular roof repairing can extend the life of a roof and save your roof replacement money. A roof inspection is the first step towards the care of the roof. Many people do roof inspections on their own. However, it is not recommended by experts. A common person has no idea how to do it properly, and it can be dangerous for untrained persons. Hiring roof inspection for this job is the right decision. The professional can do it precisely, getting a reliable inspection report.

When should you ask for a roof inspection?

There are no hard and fast rules as different types of roofs change at different times. So, it depends on various factors like weather, type of the roof, the material used for roofing, age of roof etc. However, the roof should be inspected at least every year. Here are a few particular occasions when you must go for a roof inspection.

When you purchase a new building: If you buy a house for your family or a commercial building for the business, you must go for a building inspection. The experts will inspect the building from all aspects. However, make sure they climb the roof and inspect it too. Usually, people ignore the roof as it looks fine inside. You can hire a separate roof inspector for this purpose. If the roof is in bad condition, you can put your family in danger, and you have to arrange more money for repairs. So to save your time and money, do a roof inspection before buying any new house.

When you get insurance: It is a common practice of insurance companies that they ask for a roof inspection whenever you go for the renewal of your insurance policy or get a new one. Several housing problems are related to the roof, directly or indirectly, so insurance companies give importance to roof inspection before renewing your policy.

When you see stains on your wall: Water is a silent killer and causes constant damage to the roofs. However, this type of damage is not noticeable unless you see water stains on your ceiling or walls. Many people ignore these stains and after some time roof actually starts leaking, and now you have no option but to replace it completely. So, when you see stains on water, call roof inspection. If you can repair the damage at this stage, you can avoid a chain of problems in the future.

When you face natural climates: The house’s geographical location and climate of the region can be different from the other. Storms and earthquakes are more common in some areas. No matter how rare or frequent they are in your area, you must go for a roof inspection after a storm. Don’t try to climb your roof for inspection; you may have no idea about the damage done by the storm. Let the experts handle the situation, and they can suggest a better solution if there is any damage.

How is roof inspection performed?

You can find various roof inspectors in your area. However, hire the one who has the expertise and experience. They will visit your house and inspect the inside of the house. Stains on walls and ceiling can give them an idea of any leakage or any sign of water damage. Inspectors will also check the gutters associated with a roof to ensure they are working properly. Inspectors climb the roof for proper inspection and check the shingles to see if they are broken or missing. They will inspect the valleys to see if they are clogged or clear. They will also check the seals around vents, pipes and chimneys if they are properly intact or not. They will also check the roof’s overall condition and if there are major signs of damage. For flat roofs or commercial buildings, inspection procedures are different, but professional experts know the most affected areas of the roof, and they don’t ignore them.

Common roof-related problems exposed after inspection?

  • The most common and obvious problem discovered during roof inspection is the broken and missing shingles. Shingles are very small, but they are equally important too. If shingles are damaged, it means your roof is exposed to all kinds of damage. Water can easily seep in and play havoc with it.
  • Vegetation growth is another common problem which roof inspectors expose. Vegetation usually grows around the drainage pipes and block the pipes and gutters. The water cannot drain properly, and standing water leads to many problems.
  • One more common problem is broken seals around vents, chimneys and other structures. This problem is more common in old roofs. It seems fine for a common person, but they can easily spot these damages when a roof inspector checks the roof.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will write an inspection report writing all the details of findings. You can also ask about the estimated cost to repair the reported damages. Most contractors do it as part of their inspection job. If your roof is in great condition, that is good news, but this report is very important. It can help you get a good insurance policy and use it when you want to sell your house. This report will help you to get good money for your house.

What can you do to maintain your roof?

It is the most common question as roofs are difficult to climb, and homeowners have no idea how to maintain their roofs to avoid repairing and replacement costs. Firstly, don’t allow the collection of debris on your roof. Removes leaves, fallen twigs, and other debris weekly or monthly. Secondly, plan cleaning of gutters after every few months. If water can properly drain, your roof will be safe from many problems. Lastly, planning yearly roof inspections, it’s very important for the safety of the building.


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