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Roof Sun Damage: How To Protect Your Roof Against This Deteriorating Factor?

The roof is very important for every home. It not only adds to the curb appeal of the house but protects your family and belongings. It protects against environmental factors like snow, wind, and rain. It also keeps wild animals away. There are various stressors for the roof and the blazing sun is one of them. Like other environmental factors, sun rays are also damaging to roofs. States which receive a lot of sun around the year, experience more damage. Many people do not consider sun damage a real threat to their roofs.

Is sun damage real?

The Sun is the energy source for our solar system. It has countless advantages for the earth, but everything is not all about good, there are some bad things also associated and the same is true for the sun. Extended exposure to the sun leads to the breakage of materials and as time passes they fall apart. That is the reason, sun damage is very common in states, which receive a lot of sunlight throughout the year, like Florida. If the roof is getting damaged, it means your home is prone to water damage, and fungal attacks and it can be a residence for rodents and insects.

Ultraviolet rays are also part of the spectrum. They alter the chemical composition of the roofing material. Resultantly, the life expectancy of the roof reduces and you have to change it before than expected. It wastes your money and reduces the property value as well. Thermal shock is another phenomenon that is caused by sun rays. During the day, sun rays heat the roofing material and it expands, but at night when the temperature drops the material shrinks to its original size. It also deteriorates roofing material and leads to severe roof damage. The cracks in the roof cause damage to the interior and increase your energy bills as well.

Our experts have collected a list of some signs, which indicate that the sun is damaging your roof. If you notice any of these, you can take precautionary measures before the damage is irreversible.

Signs of sun damage

Change in color: If the color of your roof is fading or has changed to a lighter tone, it means the sun is damaging your roof. UV rays of the sun have bleaching properties and if a surface is exposed to the sun for a longer period, UV rays can affect its color. No matter what the color of the shingles, if it is no longer in the same initial color tone, you can safely blame the sun rays for the ugly appearance.

Cracks on the surface: Cracks on the surface are another sign of roof damage. On the surface of the roof, there is a top layer, which is a coating of protective material. The cracks indicate damage to that layer and reflect that now your roof is open to damage. These cracks can lead to water leakage and can badly affect roof insulation. Cracks can lead to leaks and these leaks cause various problems. Mold growth, vermin infestation, and infrastructure damage are a few of them. Moreover, it will also increase your energy bills as crams will allow inside air to escape.

Curly edges of shingles: Every roof has a natural life expectancy, but sun damage reduces the lifespan of the roof. If you notice shingles have curly edges or are not properly fixed on the roof surface now, it is another clear sign of sun damage. In some severe cases, shingles can be detached from the roof and clear indication of the weakening of the roof structure. Shingles can change their shape to any other shape. Wrapped shingles are caused by water damage but curly shingles are clear signs of sun damage.

How to protect your roof from sun damage?

Now you understand the signs of sun damage and how it affects your roof. But the question is what we can do to protect our roof from sun damage? The answer is simple, but cannot avoid sunlight but we can reduce its impact on our property to a considerable extent.

  • You can use good quality roof material during the construction of the roof. Now we have specialized material which protects against UV rays.
  • You can use shingles or tiles in a light color. The dark color absorbs rays and results in severe damage while the light color reflects sun rays and reduces their impact.
  • Nowadays, reflective granules are available., Which deflects sun rays back into the atmosphere. They can also help to reduce damage.
  • Some roofing materials, like slate, have a cooling effect and can help to avoid sun damage. Try to use these materials if they adjust to your roofing design.
  • Another good thing is to use a UV protection sealant. This is an extra protective layer to avoid sun damage. These are the coatings that protect the roof and increase its life.
  • You can hire professionals for yearly roof inspections and can stop sun damage at the very initial stage.

Hire professionals to treat sun damage

Sun damage is real and can cause a threat to the roof. If you leave it unattended, your roof will get seriously affected. If you are seeing any sign of sun damage, you need to hire a professional. Try to find the best roofing professionals in town. Saving money for your roof is very risky. Use the best service and best quality material, as it’s about the safety of your family.

Roofing experts offer a wide range of services according to your needs. They will inspect the roof and see the nature of the damage. Discuss your budget before they start work, but make sure the contractor is licensed to perform the job and has experience too.  If any of your friends or family have hired services recently, ask for a referral. A reliable and experienced contractor can save your roof before severe damage. But it’s important to check the roof frequently and take the above mentioned precautionary measures to protect your roof.

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