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Shingles: Asphalt Shingles Are a Popular Choice for Roofing

The roof is an important part of our home. Different roofing materials are used in different parts of the world according to climate and living standards. However, shingles are the most common roofing material in the United States. When we talk about shingles, there are different types, colors, shapes, and materials used to make them, but asphalt shingles are the most common.

It is very interesting to notice that asphalt shingles look different in different settings. For instance, sometimes they look flat when placed in a grid-like pattern and sometimes you see them as three-dimensional units when they are laid in a checkerboard style. It’s very confusing and difficult to understand the difference between the two. Here we are discussing asphalt shingles and their different types. Next time you will be installing them on your roof, you will know what kind of shingles you need.

3 – Tab Shingles – cheap and lightweight

The most common type of asphalt shingles is the one, which is paid in the form of a grid and gives a flat look to the roof. Roofing experts call them 3- Tab shingles. They were very popular 15- 20 years ago. So, houses built around that time have these shingles on their roofs. These shingles were cost-effective and very easy to maintain. The light weight of these shingles made them popular as doors have to bear less weight and as a result, they have extended life. Moreover, these shingles are sustainable. However, in the 90s their use reduced slowly and now they are used in homes if the owner has a limited budget and does not have enough budget for the roof.

If we call them the cheapest shingle, it will not be wrong. The manufacturing process is simple and very less material is used to manufacture them. That is the reason they are lightweight and inexpensive. But the important thing to understand is, they are low in quality too. They have low wind tolerance and strong winds can easily cause damage to them. It means if your roof has these shingles, you will need to repair your roof after every storm. Strong winds can detach them easily. The low life expectancy makes them the last choice of homeowners and contractors. So, if you see them around now, it means either the home is very old or the owner has a low roofing budget.

Architectural shingles – easy to install with a high life expectancy

Architectural shingles are the other type of shingles. They are also called laminated or three-dimensional shingles. These shingles are very thick as they are manufactured in different layers and it seems as if different shingles are stacked together to make one. When these shingles are installed, they give a three-dimensional look and appear like a checkerboard pattern. There are various advantages of these shingles. They show good resistance against winds. The damage after the storm is not as severe as we see on asphalt shingles. Moreover, their life expectancy is also high. They can protect your roof for 30 – 50 years. That makes it very popular and now they are commonly used in the construction of new homes.

They are not new inventions. They existed years ago, but in the past they were expensive. Wealthy people used to install them, but now they are available at an affordable price and everyone can afford them easily. 3 Tab shingles are difficult to install and take more time to install. So, the labor cost for installation is high while the material is cheap. On the other hand, architectural shingles have expensive materials, but they are very easy to install and installation cost is low. So, the roof  installation cost balances out the high price and makes them as affordable as Tab shingles. That is the reason, contractors and homeowners prefer architectural shingles.

Which type of shingle is better?

Both types of shingles, mentioned above, are asphalt shingles. So, we are not talking about the material here. But let’s try to find out which one is better.

Aesthetics: Curb appeal is very important for any house. If you want to sell it at some point, it can help you to get more profit. So, if we speak in terms of aesthetics, architectural shingles hive dimensions to the roof, they look more attractive.

Wind resistance: The main purpose of shingles is protection, mainly against winds. Both types of shingles have different ratings for wind resistance. 3 – Tab shingles have a nearly 60 miles per hour rating, while the rating for architectural shingles is more than 80mph, as they are thicker and better in quality.

Life expectancy: If we talk about the life duration of shingles, architectural shingles are better in quality, so they are durable too. They can resist changing weather and can withstand extreme heat, rain, and strong winds, they perform better against snow and ice as well. The life span of architectural shingles is nearly 20 years in bad weather. If the weather is not bad in your area, they can serve you for more than 30 years. On the other hand, the life span for tab shingles is less than 10 years and in good condition, they can last up to 12 years.

Warranty: Warranty reflects the overall value of shingles. If the lifespan of a product is shorter, it will have a short warranty. Usually, tab shingles come with 20 – 25 years of warranty while the warranty for architectural shingles is nearly 50 years. So, people assume that the warranty of these shingles is a lifetime.

Cost: The cost of asphalt shingles is relative. Tab shingles are cheap but their installation cost is high. On the other hand, architectural shingles are expensive but their installation cost is less and you don’t repair them for years.


Both types of asphalt shingles have their merits and demerits. 3 tab shingles are cost-effective and suitable for short-term use. So, if you are building a budget home or building a rental property, you can use them. If you are building a high-end home, architectural shingles are the ultimate choice. They add aesthetic value to the house and are durable too.

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