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Hurricanes: How to Prepare Your Roof in Orlando?

Roofs face many threats at different times of the year, and Hurricanes are the most dangerous. During a storm, wind speed can exceed 150mph, which is damaging for structures. Strong winds can damage shingles tiles and be destructive for other…
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Roof Replacement: Why Roofing Over the Existing Roof Is Not Recommended?

There are different types of roofs, and every type of roof has a specific life span. You can extend the life of the roof with proper care and maintenance. However, we cannot control the climatic conditions, and you may need to replace the roof…
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Roofing Problems: 10 Common Roofing Issues

If you have a home, you need to maintain it properly. But the most important part of your home, which needs special attention, is the roof. Usually, people don't care much about the roof, as it is out of sight. Moreover, many people think that…