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How Roofing Laws Are Affecting Insurance in Florida?

Roofs are an important part of any house, which is greatly affected by day-to-day weather. In some states of the United States, weather is mild almost around the year, but Florida is different. A lot of sunshine and frequent hurricanes increase the importance of durable roofs. That is the reason Florida has extensive roofing regulations.

The state has laws and regulations about roof repair and replacement. Insurance companies were in great trouble due to roof claim frauds, so insurance laws have also been changed. New laws have changed how roofers can claim insurance and how insurance companies will handle these claims.

Some significant changes in insurance laws

Here are some significant changes in laws related to roofing and insurance. Property owners should know about these changes to claim the insurance correctly and at the right time.

  • Owners can register their claims within two years. The rule applies to all claims, including property insurance claims, reopened claims, and supplemental claims.
  • Roof is 10 years old or younger will get full replacement coverage from property insurers.
  • If the age of the roofer is more than 10 years, property insurers can schedule the reimbursement for selling policies. The coverage can be reduced according to age and type of roof.
  • Homeowners can avail the offer to purchase a state value limit for roof coverage, which property insurers will provide them.
  • If property owners want to file a lawsuit against the insurance company, they will give detailed notice to the company. The duration of the notice period will be 60 days.
  • A limitation on the fee of attorneys has also been imposed. When they file lawsuits on behalf of contractors, they cannot charge more than the allocated amount.
  • There is a restriction to offer incentives to property owners now. Contractors can not offer any incentive to homeowners, not even for referrals.
  • Many roofing companies were used to doing door-to-door marketing, but now they are not allowed to do this type of marketing.

Some people are supporting these new laws while others are against them. People who support these laws say that it will help reduce the increasing insurance rates, but opponents say there is no guarantee. Many people think that these laws will negatively affect homeowners after some years.

Will good insurance companies also be affected by the change of laws?

Whether companies will affect or not depends on the practices of individual companies and rules they follow. If a company already follows good practices, new laws will not affect it negatively. Insurance companies, who handle their business with integrity, have no problem with these laws.

What to do in case of roof damage?

If a homeowner suspects any damage to the roof, he must call a licensed roofing company. Make sure you have a reliable company for your roofing needs. According to the laws and regulations, the professionals must be well aware of new laws and provide the best quality roof replacement. Moreover, the company must provide a guarantee of their work.

Is the roofing industry happy with the change?

As soon as an amendment in insurance laws has passed, the roofing industry is unhappy with these changes. They are taking it as a challenge for the roofers and asking for large amendments in law. According to roofing companies, it has created problems for homeowners and roofers concerning insurance.

The purpose of the law is to reduce fraud in the insurance industry, but it may not create any difference.

Moreover, restriction on door-to-door marketing is also a concern for many companies. Representatives of roofers were used to provide information to the customers about the insurance cover and what is included in their insurance. These agents have complete information about roof-related issues and what insurance companies generally cover. This kind of information and guidance was used to get new customers. But now, they will face problems in getting new customers. Moreover, referral incentives were also a great and easy way to get new customers. Restriction on it will also reduce their business.

Policies of insurance companies

Insurance companies have different policies. Most of the companies do not provide insurance if the roof’s age is more than 10 years. On the other hand, some homeowners have installed shingles with a lifetime warranty, so they want an insurance policy no matter the roof’s age. So, it isn’t easy to get insurance for an old roof.

How to get the best roofing insurance?

The best way to save money is to care for your roof properly. An annual roof inspection can save you from many problems. If you have regular roof inspection and records of those reports, you can easily claim that the roof was in good condition before the storm. Many insurance agencies want annual inspections and audits every year. You have to spend a little amount on maintenance, but in return, you can save a lot of money, which you have to spend on repair and replacement.

If any repair is needed, do it well in time and hire professionals for this purpose. They will inspect the roof and evaluate possible damages. They can tell you the components of a roof that need your immediate attention and those which can wait for a month or so. Moreover, you can discuss your budget, and they can help reduce the cost of the project and bring it within your pocket.

The key is to hire professionals who know all rules and regulations and can help you. They can help you claim insurance, and if you have no insurance, the experts can guide you about getting on. However, choose your roofing contractors carefully. They must have roofing and law experts in their team to solve all kinds of problems. A good contractor can help you in more than one way if you get in touch with the right people. Dealing with insurance companies is not easy if you don’t have any expert advice. Hire professionals, who understand every aspect of roofing and insurance.


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