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Roof Pitches: Everything You Need to Know About Roof Pitch

The roof is a very important part of any building, residential and commercial. It plays a vital role not only in the curb appeal but also in the functionality of the property. It is very important to match the pitch to the roofing system of the building, as it affects not only the lifespan but also certain functions like snow and water drainage. Usually, people have no idea about the relationship between pitch and roofing systems. Professional contractors can help you to access the roof and can recommend a suitable pitch design for it.

What is roof pitch?

In simple words measurement of the slope of the roof is called roof pitch. It is expressed as a ratio. For instance, if the roof pitch is 4 in 12 it means on horizontal distance, the slope of the roof will increase 4 inches for every 12-inch increase in height.

What is the importance of roof pitch?

Roof pitch is closely associated with the roofing system. It determines which roofing system will be suitable for your residential unit or commercial building. Moreover, it also helps the contractor to choose suitable roofing materials according to the architecture of the property. Pitch is not associated with the aesthetics or curb appeal of the house, but is linked with the roofing system of the house so it has a great impact on the curb appeal. Roof pitch directs that snow and rainwater will be discharged from the roof.

Commercial roofs are usually flat or have a very low slope. Now a day, we see residential buildings with contemporary designs and they also have a low pitch or no pitch at all. Another reason for the flat roofs now a fay is solar panels.  Homeowners want flat roofs to make space for their solar panels.

If the roof is on a low slope, it means it has a three-inch rise for every horizontal foot. For these roofs, bitumen and cap sheet layers are suitable roofing materials. For UV protection gravel coating is used, which also helps water to evaporate quickly.

How does roof pitch determine the roofing system?

Every roofing system has different pitch requirements for installation. Few roofing systems cannot be installed if the pitch is less than 3:12. If owners want to install them anyway, contractors modify them and use double underlayment for slopes. If slop will not be sufficient, it will affect the drainage system. As a result, water will stay on the roof and can accumulate under tiles, deteriorating them. If the roof pitch is more than 3:12 you can choose the title roofing system, otherwise go for something else.

Effect of roof pitch on aesthetics of the building

Roof pitch affects the aesthetics of the house in several ways. If the slope of the house is steep, it will look more attractive. You can sell it at a good price or attract tenants if it’s a rental property. On the other hand, shallow-pitch roofs are very plain and have low esthetic value.

Relationship of roof pitch with water run-off

It is very obvious that if the slope of the roof is steep, water and snow will not stay there. On shallow-pitch roofs, it can stay for days. In states, which experience a lot of rain or snowfall in winter, a steep pitch is a suitable option. It will stop water accumulation on the roof and prevent damage caused by water.

Roof pitch is associated with the life span of the roof

A flat surface roof is prone to damage as compared to a steep slope roof. Steep pitch roofs have a long life, as compared to flat roofs. It means they are cost-effective. You will need less maintenance and repair. If you live in a state where the speed of wind is very high and weather conditions are severe, a steep slope is the best option.

Common types of roof pitch

There are different types of roof pitches, used according to the weather condition, type of building, and budget of the owner. Here we are discussing them briefly.

  • Flat roof pitch: If the ratio of the roof is 2:12 it’s called a flat roof pitch. Roofs with flat pitch cannot shed water and water ponds are common for such roofs. These roofs are usually damaged by water. Moreover, the chances of damage from other environmental factors like wind are high for these roofs.
  • Low Slope pitch: If the pitch of the roof is between 2:12 and 4:12 it’s called a low Slope roof. These roofs can easily drain rainwater and shed snow. However, high-speed wind can affect them and cause damage to some extent.
  • Steep Slope pitch: If the pitch is more than a 4:12 ratio, it is a steep slope pitch. These are considered the best roofs and they can shed snow and water without any problem. These roofs are durable and have a long life span. Moreover, they can withstand high-speed winds and other extreme weather conditions.

Hire a professional, contractor for all roofing needs

If you are building a new home, or want to replace the roof of your old home, hire professional roof contractors only. Get quotes from different contractors. It will help you to decide your budget, because most of the contractors quote more or less the same charges, depending on the material of the roof.  Good contractors can guide you about suitable roofing materials and designs according to your needs.

Select the contractor based on his experience and the quality of work it offers. Fewer charges mean low quality of work and you should not compromise on the roof as it’s about the safety of your family. You can read reviews on the website and see what the previous customers have to say.  Before starting the work, ask for the charges, the roof material, the design, and the roofing system which will complement the roof design. Make sure, whatever he suggests is suitable for your home and you are satisfied with that.

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